Islamic State 'adapting to US-led air strikes'


This article is about how ISIS is responding to the air strikes. (Not really too surprising.) Hopefully, stage 2 of this effort will soon be underway. (Wait, is there a stage 2?)

Nearly two months on since the US began air strikes against Islamic State (IS) positions in northern Iraq, there are signs that the militants are adapting to the new reality.

Witnesses and tribal sources in IS-controlled areas have reported a drop in the number of militant checkpoints and fighters using mobile phones less, apparently to avoid being targeted by air raids.

Militants have also been seen to ditch conspicuous convoys of armoured vehicles in favour of motorcycles, and there are reports of them planting their black flags on civilian homes and facilities to try to confuse target-spotters.

Many of the buildings already struck by coalition bombers are reported to have been evacuated prior to the strikes.

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