Islamic State attacks Kirkuk as Iraqi forces push on Mosul


Islamic State attacks Kirkuk as Iraqi forces push on Mosul

Islamic State launched a major counter-attack on the city of Kirkuk on Friday as Iraqi and Kurdish forces pursued operations to seize territory around Mosul in preparation for an offensive on the jihadists’ last major stronghold in Iraq.

Islamic State’s assault on Kirkuk, which lies in an oil- producing region, killed 18 members of the security forces and workers at a power station outside the city, including two Iranians, a hospital source said.

Crude oil production facilities were not targeted and the power supply continued uninterrupted in the city. Kirkuk is located east of Hawija, a pocket still under control of Islamic State that lies between Baghdad and Mosul.


Oops! This might draw Kurdish forces away from Mosul, and is probably designed to do just that.


Yeah for the cause of Religious Freedom!!
Yeah for the cause of the West!!
Yeah for America, and all she stands for!!!


It does sound that way. Praying for all in harm’s way!


Yes, however from what I have read the main assault on Mosul does not involve Kurdish forces. Rather, they are intended to hold the flanks.

An attack on Kirkuk, from the ISIS territory SE of Mosul, was likely expected The governor of Kirkuk blames the attack on sleeper cells of ISIS.

“Because of the ongoing Mosul offensive, they may want to create a situation where forces would be withdrawn from there and the focus shifted to Kirkuk,” Mr Karim told Kurdish news agency Rudaw.

“Also because they are being defeated in Mosul, they want to boost their morale with these kinds of actions.”

What might be of particular interest is that the ISIS fighters deliberately asked for the Iranian workers who were then executed. It suggests an intentional religious, and also national, provocation


Prayers for those in danger…

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