Islamic State beheads Briton Henning in new video


(Reuters) - Islamic State militants released on Friday a new video showing the beheading of British hostage Alan Henning, said the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors jihadist groups.

The one-minute, 11-second video, titled “Another Message to America and its Allies,” showed the British aid worker introducing himself, said SITE. Henning says “because of our parliament’s decision to attack the Islamic state, I, as a member of the British public, will now pay the price for that decision,” according to SITE.


Very sad, prayers for the repose of this man’s soul.

Since these videos are often in English, it certainly makes you wonder what Mosques in the UK or USA these English-speaking Jihadists went to.

It has been opined based on speculation that as ISIS loses, they turn to these kinds of barbaric acts. So, I hope ISIS is losing big but I hate seeing this.


Nuclear option is the only way to deal with this.


Strange that ISIS hasn’t at any point looked to attack Israel.


This is hyperbole right? I sure hope it is.


I will say ISIS is playing a deadly game. If they keep pushing and keep pushing eventually the American people and the British people are going to get ticked off enough to send large numbers of ground troops. Some of the ISIS people are veterans from the Iraq war but the vast majority have been recruited since major operations ended there. They do well against the Iraqi military and local militias but most of them wouldn’t have a clue what hit them if they had to fight NATO ground forces.


No hyperbole here.

This will only get worse. Dropping nuclear warheads on Iraq and Syria will take most of the fight out of ISIS. The U.S. already bombs them, but that doesn’t seem to have any effect.


Though I don’t care to see innocents hurt, just think if some of these terrorists had bombs, they would not look at the ethics of bombing us or not with WMDs.

I’ve always thought about Israel, they are well-armed, Jordan and Egypt are relatively peaceful neighbors but if some others can’t get along and only want to create conflict, there may be some difficult choices to make.


This is horrible - an American aid worker is lined up next. I have noticed an increasing rumbling about the uselessness of airstrikes which most in the area agree don’t seem to really be doing anything. It won’t be long before we are looking at sending in ground forces - my prediction. Don’t be surpised if ME or EU allies actually push us into it. Under Obama, we do have another Vietnam on our hands. An ineffective strategy, actually causing much more death and costing much more - over a longer period of time. ISIS is as strong and threatening as ever. Increasing in strength.


Agreed. ISIS gets a nuclear missle and who knows which city they would take out. Jerusalem? Vatican City? New York?


No. An American vet from Indiana is lined up next.


All total insanity. ISIS were/are already fighting in Iraq/Syria - why are they antagonising the two biggest world powers into a fight with them, as well? They would be well aware that this would happen by videoing beheadings of American and British hostages and publicly placing the videos on the internet.

It defies logic - as to what they are expecting to happen by openly antagonising the West - as there will now be many more, better equipped combatants, fighting against them in Syria/Iraq. :confused:


The question is how much of ISIS is in the US, now. Also, would we risk nuclear retaliation?


The problem with ISIS is that they don’t seem to have a working “humanity” chip. It is not unreasonable given the chaotic state of Iraq and Syria to envision them expanding and acquiring nuclear and/or chemical weapons through various channels soon or in the future. We (the “world”) can’t have this. We will pay too high a price. We will pay a high price either way. As for nuclear power, I don’t want us to be the first to sink to that. We’re supposed to be the ones with humanity, right? We do need to fight and DEFEAT them. It won’t be easy, pretty or quick.


I would say that they have more “lone wolf” type ISIS members here in the U.S. As for retaliation, the only country that might have a problem with it is Russia. But if they start beheading Russians, then I think they might change their tune.


ISIS Sunnis if I have this correct must really hate Shiites. That is where the brunt of their brutality seems to be directed while at the same time, the Kurds and Christians have suffered terribly as well.

For the record, I think Drudge report has up that the Daily Mail has a story that they could hit Jihadi John with drone but it would cause other damage. It sounds like they are saying they know where he is.


I’d feel better if the man was dead, personally. I think he’s that rapper fool that the UK has been claiming. His father was imprisoned for that attempted terrorist plot on America.


They have been saying they have a good idea who it is, they know who it is, but I am not so sure. Yes the british rapper was one guess.
Why don’t they definitely identify him then?


I just pray we do not get used to beheadings as it it were one more in the news… It is terrible and appalling .Prayers for their families. All this is surreal…


Yes it is surreal. I also am afraid we will get numb to the beheadings. I can’t imagine the anguish the families have gone through seeing their loved ones held captive and knowing how they were killed.
These men committing these killings are monsters because of the death and suffering they are causing.
It makes me feel helpless when I see these videos because there is nothing I can do.

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