Islamic State beheads Kurdish pesh merga fighter in video


From the Washington Post:
On Thursday, Islamic State militants released another video of the purported beheading of one of their prisoners – this time an Iraqi Kurdish fighter for his government’s alliance with the United States.

The Kurds, whose regional authorities have sought U.S. help in their battle against the Sunni extremists in northern Iraq, should reject American interference in Iraqi affairs, the video says. Three masked gunmen are shown looming over the Kurdish fighter, a young man kneeling in a bright orange jumpsuit. Then one of the gunmen, who appear to be in the Iraqi city of Mosul, draws a blade and ends his life.

The six-minute video, posted to YouTube Thursday by the group’s network of online supporters, is similar to the one that grimly showed the execution of American journalist James Foley last week. The black-clad jihadists rail against the U.S. government before reaching for the Kurdish fighter’s throat. As in the recording of Foley’s murder, the video cuts away, only later showing the graphic evidence that a beheading did take place.


I’m begging with God to touch the hearts of the people involved in the Islamic State. Can you join me? We cannot understand this savage behavior in the name of Allah and religion. The more we know, the more sickened we feel. Something has gone so wrong and astray. Let’s pray for the family of this Kurdish man, for his soul, and the thousands of others killed recently due to their religious beliefs. Let’s pray for the person who committed this crime, the person who killed and the person who ordered to kill. Can you join me? Let’s pray for religious freedom. Can you join me?


Yes something has gone terribly wrong and astray!
Evil has won over the hearts of ISIS. It is a cancer that needs to be removed before it takes over.


This would be a just war, except for the vacillation of the American President who now admits to no idea of a strategy to take on these killers. Our Prime Minister in Australia has said publicly that Australia would join the US in air support to wipe out this plague, but no request from America. Britain has stated that they would support an alliance but still no response from the Commander in chief of the free world. How many Foley’s does Obama need?


I just heard on the radio that England’s PM has raised their terror alert.
Our predident is on a fundraising tour of the west.


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