Islamic State committing genocide against Yazidis: U.N



*Another challenge now facing the international community is how to bring the perpetrators to justice. The stumbling block is jurisdiction.

“The International Criminal Court (ICC) is, at present, the only international criminal tribunal that could have jurisdiction over ISIS crimes against the Yazidis,” the Commission’s report states.

For the ICC to open a case against ISIS, the matter would have to be referred to the court by one of the party states, meaning Iraq or Syria, or the UN Security Council. Neither Iraq nor Syria, however, is party to the Rome Statute, which is the treaty governing the ICC.

The only option for referral, therefore, is from the Security Council, which already failed to pass a resolution referring the Syria matter to the ICC after Russia and China vetoed the matter on May 22, 2014. *


No help for Yazidis or Christians over there, but plenty of need to bring Muslims, including ISIS infiltrators, over here.

Just makes a person want to cry.


One thing we (the U.S.) could do is to give more help to the Peshmerga.


Poor Yazidis.

Why won’t my government help them?



I wish mine would try and help too. But our current president kinda sucks.


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