Islamic State consolidates power [CC]


Despite US air attacks, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has consolidated its control over a large area in recent months.The Sunni jihadist group now controls over one-third of …



I wonder if we didn’t open the way to this radical Islamic take over of these extremely large countries by removing Suddam Hussein from power? Removing him may have left this vaccum which Isis seems to have taken over.


The removing him from power isn’t what opened the door for them. The not bothering to stabilize the country after removing him from power is what opened the door for them.


You are correct. :thumbsup:


They have taken a lot of land. I didn’t realize they occupied 1/2 of Iraq already and 1/3 of Syria. That is a lot of land. I wonder what life is like for those who remained behind?



Not just consolidating despite US air attacks…

The reach of ISIS’s financial portfolio is broad and lucrative. Highly localized and multiple revenue streams feed the terrorist organization’s coffers - generating up to €4.5 million a day,

Growing exponentially …no doubt.


Agree. It was easy to see this coming. The minute Obama was elected in 2008, the die was cast.


His administration put the “final nail in the coffin” on creating a stable post-Saddam Iraq, but the building of said coffin started long before he entered the race for President.


Saddam Hussein himself had a hand in building the coffin also.


The Iran-Iraq War was only Round One in the Sunni Arab/Iran War. Ultimately, different dictators would have run both countries, with Sunni-Shia splits and territorial ambitions in each.

For a short while, the west stood in the center, and whether Iran was happy about it or not, the Sunni, Shia and Kurds of Iraq were happy about it.

But we left and the Sunni Arab/Iran war is on again.


Nasty, brutish and short?




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