Islamic State converts Mosul cathedral into mosque [CC]

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has removed the crosses from all 30 churches and monasteries in Mosul and converted the Syriac Orthodox cathedral into a mosque, according …


Oh Father forgive them and end their evil. :frowning:


this is the same thing that was done to the Hagia Sophia (it was converted to a mosque and then it was turned into a museum, but they want it to be a mosque again). We need this to end now! they won’t stop until they have converted all sacred Christian sites and churches into mosques or obliterated them completely.

I fear what would happen if they got ahold of the sacred sites in the Holy Land - like the Church of the Nativity or the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Islamic supremacists respect nothing but power and the willingness to use it. When Obama abandoned Iraq to be a battleground between Sunni Islamists and Iran, the die was cast.

I don’t know. Though, Jerusalem and Bethlehem were under Islamic rule for the better part of 1400 years. Bethlehem, though heavily Christian (the most Christian city in the Holy Land), is in an area where the dominant religion is Islam.

But this is ridiculous. If a mosque was forcibly taken from Muslims and made into a Christian parish, many (not all) Muslims would be saying that we insulted Islam. Actually, this is the claim Muslim leaders make whenever they have met with Christian leaders and the Christian leaders tell them to allow for religious freedom. Why? It appears to me that Islam sees the idea of religious freedom to be a heretical concept. I don’t know if this is the case, but it sure seems to be. The idea is that all people, thoughout the world, are to be made Muslim by any means necessary.

I do know that Islam considers conversion from Islam to be an offense punishable by death, and that proselytization of any religion other than Islam is also an offense punishable by death.

I meant this radical group get ahold of the sacred sites.

They wouldn’t make the Church of the Holy Sepulchre into a mosque - they’d burn it to the ground. Seriously. Why? Because its very existense is based on an idea that is abominable to Islam - the fact that Jesus Christ was Himself crucified and then rose from the dead. Islam teaches that God would have never let His prophet die (because of course, Jesus is considered no more than a prophet in Islam, as in Islam the idea of God having a Begotten Son is considered blasphemous and an insult to God), and so a substitute (often thought to be Judas Iscariot) took Jesus’s place.

Honestly… there’s a cutout in the floor surrounding Golgotha itself. And the fact that Jesus’s tomb is there? Seriously. They’d torch the place. Its very existence is heretical to Islam. There would be no way they could simply remove the icons - as the icons are literally part of the architecture of the church itself.

There is a Catholic Monestsry that was evacuated from all monks. Removed all crosses. I’m assuming they bobmed it or will do soon. It was built in honor of an Assyrian prince and his sister, Behnam and Sarah. After they and 40 others converted to Chrsitianity in the 4th century, their father the King had them all executed. After a while he realized how wrong he was, regretted it deeply and converted to Christianity himself. Building that monastery in his children’s honer. Idk if they were offcialy declared as saints from the vatican or not but they are consudered so in Iraq.

Such loss to rich history. It’s heartbreaking. :frowning:

If its the Monastery I heard about, the Monks were barely allowed to leave with their clothes. They weren’t even allowed to bring the relics with them (which I bet will be destroyed).

It’s so sad that in this day and age, our fellow Christians are still being persecuted around the world. Truly horrible to think about.

Amen all we can do is pray for their conversion

I have stated this before, I’m not a war type of guy but I’m also not a pacifist. But I believe this group of extremists need to be hit in the mouth and hard.

Actually, the amount of Christians facing persecution today is possibly higher than it’s ever been. Two-thirds of Christians today live in areas ruled by totalitarian leaders and/or areas where they are the minority (which, of course, includes the Middle East) and face persecution. In the West (and I include Europe & Australia in this), we see persecution of Christians to be nearly unthinkable, as (except during the Communist era of Eastern Europe) Christianity as a whole hasn’t been persecuted in the West since Constantine made it legal to practice Christianity. Sure, there have been sects of Christians that have been persecuted at one time and place or another, but it’s always been one sect of Christianity vs. another sect of Christianity.

I disagree. More (proportionally) Christians were persecuted under the Communist regimes in the Easter Bloc. Now the persecution has been officially lifted and Christians can enjoy freedom of religion. Chinese oppression of Christians was also worse in the 40s-60s than now.

Living under totalitarian leaders does not mean they are persecuted religiously. Christians have also been living successfully in Muslim majority countries - such as Iraq - and had not had major problems.

If you want to look at any sort of totalitarian rule you can also add most of Africa which during the last century was mostly ruled by non-democratic governments or colonial powers where Africans also had little to say.

ISIS were an ally of western countries against the dictatorship and like many and many allies of Western Countries they´re destroying what Iraq remained of christianity.
A Middle East with Assad, Nasser, Hussein or even Gadaffi that were arabic socialists was much better than now.
But now they´re islamists, “allies” as Saudi Arabia.
The allies is a very serious thing.

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