Islamic State executing opponents in Mosul as battle begins [CWN]


As Iraqi forces advance in their bid to recapture Mosul, militants of the Islamic State are executing civilians there who show support for the liberators.



Praying …


According to the book “My Journey into the heart of terror” by Jurgen Todenhofer, Mosul was a vibrant, living city under the ISIS regime. Markets were open with fresh fruit and vegetables. Restaurants offered delicious delicacies such as Masgouf, and standard things such as fried chicken, barbecued chicken, lamb kebabs, lamb chops, pizza, fries and bread, all at a very cheap price. According to Abu Loth, as long as people abide by the will of Allah, they can do or not do more or less whatever they want.


Then the liberators need to pick up the pace! Praying for a definitive end to this madness.


sorry. that doesn’t sound like a bargain to me!

so ISIS is killing their Iraqis who are cheering for the liberators-why am I not shocked!?


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