Islamic State group becomes target of Arab satire


*BAGHDAD (AP) — The bumbling young militant first drops the rocket launcher on the toes of his boss before taking aim and firing toward a military checkpoint outside of an Iraqi town — not realizing he’s fired it backward at his leader. The “Looney Tunes”-style cartoon targeting the Islamic State group comes after its militants have swept across large swaths of Syria and Iraq, declaring their own self-styled caliphate while conducting mass shootings of their prisoners. The group cheers its advances and beheadings in slickly produced Internet videos.

In response, television networks across the Middle East have begun airing cartoons and comedy programs using satire to criticize the group and its claims of representing Islam. And while not directly confronting the group’s battlefield gains, the shows challenge the legitimacy of its claims and chip away at the fear some have that the Islamic militants are unstoppable.

“These people are not a true representation of Islam and so by mocking them, it is a way to show that we are against them,” said Nabil Assaf, one of the producers and writers of Lebanon’s “Ktir Salbe Show,” which has challenged the group. “Of course it’s a sensitive issue, but this is one way to reject extremism and make it so the people are not afraid.”*


Moslems are a very sad religious people who seem to be living in a waking nightmare where they themselves are beginning to realise that they are either collectively mad or bad. I have sympathy for such people because …“there but for the grace of God go I”. We are all the produce of our religion in one way or another and I am very much Catholic.
I think that people like Tim Staples and other great Catholics like him, who are converts to the Catholic faith, are living examples to the rest of us because of the supernatural life of grace that has allowed them to live stratospheric lives that are so different from anything their religious upbringing could ever have prepared them to embrace.
The world may be waking up to the true nature of Islam but so are many Moslems. Ordinary people are not stupid. If misery and fear are their constant diet then sooner or later they will realise that when mad and bad are the only games in town it is time to go.
Moslems who are joking about the Islamic State are perhaps also aiming the butt of their joke at the religion that has brought untold misery to many millions in the past few years. We should not condemn or laugh at ordinary Moslems but love them as Our Lord would want us to do. As for the mad and the bad: “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves!”


Amen. God save them.


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