Islamic State in Syria: At least 142 killed in suicide bombings in Damascus and Homs


Islamic State in Syria: At least 142 killed in suicide bombings in Damascus and Homs

A string of suicide bombings near a Shiite shrine outside Syria’s capital and in Homs claimed by jihadists killed at least 142 people Sunday, as Washington and Moscow worked to secure a ceasefire.

The Islamic State group said it was behind the carnage.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said a provisional deal had been reached on the terms of a truce in Syria’s brutal five-year conflict, only for the bloodshed to intensify on the ground.

Near Damascus, a car bombing followed by two consecutive suicide attacks ripped through the area of the Shiite shrine of Sayyida Zeinab and killed 83 people, Syria’s official news agency SANA reported.

SANA, quoting a police source, said 178 people, including children, were among the wounded. State television said the attacks came as pupils were leaving school in the area.

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In one of the highest detonation death tolls… 155 killed by six explosions shook Homs center and south of the capital

This is all being called a very big attack.


What is wrong with these people? I’m afraid it’s going to get even worse before it gets better. Prayers for the deceased, injured, and their families.


Praying with all for all.


as Washington and Moscow worked to secure a ceasefire.

Obama proxy war with Putin, they are “suppose” to chit-chat in a few days about a cease fire.

There are serious doubts over strength of the deal, which would need the agreement of Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama, who are expected to speak by phone later this week.

Continuation of the Obama mess in Syria and the rest of the middle east actually. You know red lines and JV teams.

Kerry declined to go into the details of the agreement, saying it “is not yet done”.

Kerry said it was futile to think there was a military solution to the conflict.

“Make no mistake. The answer to the Syrian civil war will not be found in any military alliance with Assad,” Kerry said. “Let me make that clear.”

Nothing changed in the Obama war, no solutions! :shrug: Just more people being killed!


Syria, Iraq and Europe are having horrific problems with Islamic terrorists. Obama has been funding the “moderate” rebel groups in Syria, but most of the arms and weapons that the Americans give to the Free Syrian Army end up in the hands of ISIS. See: Military to Military by Seymour Hersh, London Review of Books, January 7, 2016. In the meantime, Europe is being flooded by Muslim migrants from Syria and elsewhere and according to the news reports European women are being attacked mercilessly.


how is stopping the brutal conflict in Syria going to contain ISIS?

I hear ISIS is growing in Africa as well.

Kerry is useless as far as I am concerned.
Putin obviously has no use for Obama and Kerry-or no respect.


Here’s a point where I agree with Putin.

Prayers for all involved.


… Assad’s regime (now backed by Putin) has used and is still using starvation to rid the opposition. Putin backers should explain why he chooses to let Assad do this.


Democrats ought to have “some kinda” response to this horror show Obama is responsible for. :shrug:

By any reasonable measure, the Obama administration’s Middle East foreign policy is in disarray. Despite President Obama’s determination to rebuild America’s relationship with the Muslim world—dramatically manifested in his June 2009 Cairo speech—his administration’s empty promises, gross miscalculations, and sudden reversals suggest that he and his team have substituted their wishes about how the Muslim Middle East ought to be for the realities of how the Muslim Middle East really is.

While the president steadfastly refuses to mention jihadism, wars fueled by Islamic extremism rage throughout the region. Time and again, Obama administration policies have made matters worse.

In September at the United Nations, the president announced that “realism dictates that compromise is required” to effect “a managed transition” from Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s rule. This appeal to moderation comes more than four years after Obama first called for Assad to step down and two years after Obama fecklessly declined to enforce the red line he had declared against Assad’s use of chemical weapons. The Syrian civil war has since mushroomed into a staggering humanitarian catastrophe. It has left approximately 250,000 people dead; driven some 10 million from their homes; flooded neighboring Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey with refugees; and generated a continent-shaking wave of refugees rolling across Europe.

Four years after Western-leaning Libyan ruler Moammar Gadhafi was forced from power with U.S. help, that country has become a haven for Islamists and a battleground for two governments and dozens of armed groups. It’s barely a country at all.

Almost four years after Obama’s removal of troops from what he declared to be “a sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Iraq,” Baghdad is struggling to beat back ISIS’s advances. Meanwhile Islamic State forces, which Obama compared in a January 2014 New Yorker interview to a JV squad, are also waging war in Syria and in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

In an August speech, the president acknowledged that his nuclear deal’s unfreezing of $100 billion to $150 billion of Iranian assets would assist the world’s leading state sponsor of terror in pursuing its ambitions for regional hegemony. The president was correct, and it didn’t take long: Iran has recently stepped up shipments of weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles, to its Lebanese client Hezbollah and, in late September, sent hundreds of troops to support Hezbollah ground operations in defense of Tehran’s Syrian client Assad.


Latest death toll is at 195, this is quite a jump from first, “dozens killed” and so on.

Hit by 6 bombs per some stories, I can see a car bomb or 2 but suicide bombers are also allegedly involved, it is difficult to fathom say, a group of 4 men/persons or so doing such.

News reports are that this was done to derail the peace process and peace negotiations.

To that I thought, well, we know ISIS are the bad guys and that they do not want peace.

IS is responsible per news reports, I’m not sure if all reports say this. They must have taken responsibility if this is being reported.


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