Islamic State promises to 'drown all of you in blood'


These radical Islamics making death threats to the USA. They have the nerve!!:hammering::takeoff::slapfight:


Yeah so did Saddam threaten the USA before we drove his forces out of Kuwait.

How’d that work out for him ? :smiley:




I don’t think one can really dismiss these people at all. They will do what they threaten. They will find a way to accomplish it as well.


Are these the followers of Allah the most merciful?:confused:


UN backing and several dozen nations.

They’ll keep growing and attacking unless we take the fight to them.

I think so far we’re within the limits of what the Pope said, and it sounds like we need to be more aggressive to take out ISIS.

As far as the threats, well, we get that a lot in the USA don’t we?


There’s lots of :hypno: people who think God is on their side.


And if they do attack? If unable to escape, and forced to choose between conversion and martyrdom, we should all be willing to die for Jesus.

But, honestly, though ISIS is trying to expand, at the same time, they’re trying to consolidate their power. And their first goal is to conquer all of the lands that once belonged to the Islamic caliphate, along with those lands which are currently majority-Muslim (and all areas in between). The US is a distant goal for them - they plan to conquer Europe first. And, honestly, their ultimate goal is not Washington, DC or NYC - it’s the Vatican.


The very same.


Quite so – and also followers of the “religion of peace” in the bargain.


Actually, I’m afraid of them. I’ve seen photos on Catholic news sites of women with their throats cut, children’s heads cut off, real crucifixions. It’s not hyperbole. They will kill as many as they can. We have to get in there and eliminate them.

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warning- very graphic-


This is so out of nowhere. What has the U.S. ever done to Iraq to make them so angry? :confused:


Interesting you should say that. First it was Hitler that invaded and tried to take over Europe and possibly even the World now 50-60 years later a new evil emerging: Radical Islam.


Thanks for the link. Yes, it was very graphic. Incredible evil in that country.


Yeah, look at all the work the US put into Iraq, yet as soon as they left, ISIS takes over without much effort at all…LOL, worked out great for the US, huh?


The U.S. existes and is not Muslim. Oh,by the way, the current ones making the noise is ISIS. :stuck_out_tongue: :knight1:


The USA and other Western powers can defend themselves. I would be more outraged about the poor, defenseless Christians, and other minorities, who are being brutally slaughtered in Iraq and Syria…


Amen, I feel we have let them down in fact.

The bombing now seems to keep ISIS at bay, that’s why there has been a flurry of propaganda from them.


I think it is the time for Catholics, Orthodox, and other Eastern Christians to pray for the people of Islam in the same way the Holy Mother of God had asked for prayers when the Communists took over Russia. The people of Islam need our prayers so that the light of God will be able to penetrate them more. It seems as Christians we are not specifically mentioning them in our prayers. We need to be more sensitive towards Islam so that the Lord Jesus will be able to send forth His graces. Perhaps had we not prayed for Russia at our Lady’s requests this world would definitely have been worse off so if we do not pray for the people of Islam it is the same. They are in need of our prayers, a prayer crusade. Pray for them including them in your Rosaries, Chaplets of the Divine Mercy and other devotions which you are able to perform. God is not going to fix this until we come aboard.


Yes, of course we should pray.

But I think we also have ht them hard, like we did with Saddam.

I don’t think destroying us is such a distant goal. They may be doing it already. They might be working from inside. I’m thinking of the violence of Ferguson. One of their people may have started it, or at least is continuing it. I just think they have something to do with it.


A lot of people like to throw around Isreal-Palestine.

But if one looks closely at what bin-laden said, he was probably much more angry that during the Gulf war, female US and UK soldiers were defending Saudi Arabia from Saddam.

From what I understand, the radical Islamic movement has been around for decades, maybe even back to the 1920s.

I remember (I think it was Daniel Pipes’s writing, but I’m not sure) reading about how after the Axis Powers were defeated that some radical Muslims (presumably allied with the Axis) went to America to see who exactly who had beaten them. One account stated how the a radical Islamist observer was disgusted at how Americans were obsessed over lawn care. :shrug:

So this has really been going on for some time. ISIS is a breakthrough for them, and I think they are closer to attacking the West than people think. I don’t see them getting bogged down against Israel. From a strategic standpoint, I think they’ll come right out of the gate right at us if we let them.

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