Islamic State threatens coexistence even among Muslims [AN]


Jihadist militias are increasingly sectarian in their actions. Attacking shared religious symbols, like the tomb of Jonah and the shrine of Saint George in Mosul, means destroying cultural, historical and social bridges. Conflict is not only inter-confessional but is also increasingly intra-confessional within Islam, between Sunnis and Shiites.



The killings, rapes, and attacks by Islamist militias are in fact increasingly sectarian. In addition to Christians and other non-Muslim minorities, Muslims are affected as well, divided as they are between Sunnis and Shias.

The goal of Isis is eradicate the Christian population altogether. Which really becomes now who will offer sanctuary for these Christians. The US ought to do this imho.

Muslims are affected as well, divided as they are between Sunnis and Shias

Imho its not our business who Mohammed’s rightful air is. 1400 yo dilemma which they need to decide. But all of us need to work together to stop Isis. And it should be a common goal.


Absolutely true!

But all of us need to work together to stop Isis. And it should be a common goal.

Also absolutely true. Groups of any confession that start a campaign of the eradication of the “not-us” groups, as ISIS is doing, need to be pounded into the ground by a coalition of the “not-us” groups. As they sow, so let them reap. If they surrender let them be shown mercy and pay for their crimes in courts of law, but as long as they are fighting, they should be met with unstoppable force.


Their goal isn’t just aimed at Christians. Their goal is to eradicate any belief except their particular Salafist type of Islam. Other Muslims are considered apostates and told to convert or die (or just killed - their women and children taken into slavery or killed.)

Anyone who is ‘of the book’ (Christians and Jews) are told to either leave certain areas or they would have to pay a tax or be put to death. Most of the time ISIS just warns them to leave and then kills them.

Other non-Muslims are considered polytheists or atheists by ISIS and told to convert or they are killed (again women and children taken into slavery or killed.)

Anyone who has fought against ISIS is killed when captured.

They are fighting like the Arabs did in the 7th century only using modern weapons.


Right its not exclusive, but still the persecution is systematic, the point with the Christians is that it really received little attention. And that population went from 1.2 million to those looking for sanctuary in Muslim countries too. I just don’t think there’s enough done by the US or the world in general, nor is there enough said about it.


ISIS needs stopped as soon as it is possible and like others have said countries need to work together on this.

ISIS like some have said, are not just going after Christians. Their targets are anyone who opposes them and or does not believe the same as them religiously. There is alot of blood shed because of this.


The Qur’an has the explanation for this:

Surat Al Tawbah (9) discusses at length the relationship that the Ummah (perceived by ISIL) to lukewarm Muslims. Multiple ayahs within this Surat discuss this, but I think it is epitomized by Ayah 73:

  1. O Prophet, fight against the disbelievers and the hypocrites and be harsh upon them. And their refuge is Hell, and wretched is the destination.

Now there are other Ayahs in this Surat that warn the Ummah against believing the hypocrites if, all of a sudden, they repent.

Whether what ISIL believes is “authentic Islam” or some perversion of Islam, I don’t know. But it is apparent that they have a religious, Koranic justification for all that they do. We do ourselves a disservice if we don’t grasp this.


ISIS didnt exist in the 7th century. Whats going on is 1400 years of totalitarianism. When will people realize that equality is not a universal truth? Its a masonic pipe dream that came into acceptance during the French revolution and has swallowed up the West almost entirely. It’s the new radicalism of the west. Its unnatural when left untramelled.

…there are some things that just are’nt worth protecting, and with 1400 years of proof i think the verdict is long overdue. It doesnt mean that what happens to one book should hapoen to all… Equality is’nt all.

…but materialism isnt a sufficient ideology to replace the current one in the ME -that’s not the best we have to offer either. Equality is a good lesson (when not radicalized), but its not a universal truth. Forced conversion for all criminals is a fair solution. Those who cannot handle Islam should not be Muslim. Convert to another faith or face life in solitary confinement -for all criminals in the ME. Those parolees found anywhere near a mosque, back to prison they go.


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