Islamic State threats against Pope are aimed to radicalize Islam, Patriarch says [CC]


The death threats against Pope Francis that have been issued by the Islamic State are part of a propaganda campaign, ultimately aimed to radicalize Muslims, Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako told the AsiaNews service.



When will this crazyness end


And our politicians want to bring tens of thousands of Muslims, an unknown number of which are radicals, to this country to rub elbows with our wives, our children, our old people.

I think we’re looking the surreal in the rear view mirror, having passed it long ago.


Our Pope teaches to respect the Muslims, right?

Ill rub elbows with anyone, Muslims, Jews, Atheists. Let the Muslims build Mosques in the USA, let the Muslims dress in their Islamic manner(though most dress like Christians) The US has previously taken in many more refugees then it has wrt the Syrians.


I will try to respect them. However, there must be no mosques on US soil. They are the staging point for a sharia court and sharia is not compatible with the Constitution.


Banning mosques would take repealing the first amendment to the Constitution, which prohibits infringing on the free exercise of religion.


There was a term we regularly used to hear back in the 1960’s, but nowdays it’s politically incorrect. That term is Undesirable Alien, and I think we should go back to using it, and it should be applied to Islamic refugees.


Sharia is not compatible with anything.


What of the numerous mosques already on US soil? Do you suggest the state break the terms of your own constitution and deny people the right to worship freely. Many points of Catholic teaching could be said to not be ‘compatible with the Constitution’ and the argument that Catholics are more loyal to the Church than the USA was certainly used many times in US history, it would seem as though of late nativisim has had an upsurge in many nations.


Our nation is in touch with yours to learn and do good research to bring in about 3,000 refugees aa far as I have read. And these persons will be hosted in the provinces where they can feel most at home with communities established here It is takingneffort and planning.
We read periodically stories of refugees already here and it is tough. But looks like communities are helping.
The last one was about a photographer,a lady,who had left everything behind. Neighbour bought her a new camera.
Then there was a couple. They missed their family
I am glad we can be useful somehow And also that we are in touch and working together to give our best and also the best for the refugees. Though small. You are experienced,and it is great that you can share all that knowledge and technology. Also about drug traffic and narcótics. Awsome and thank you. Back working together,unbelievable!
Only being ex- patriated can make one feel homesick sometimes,can t imagine refugees.


Due to the fact that the Catholic Church teaches to be nice to others…should Catholics who oppose Muslim refugees be excommunicated from the Church? I’m not saying I would approve of such an action, but arent we Catholics suppose to be nice to others and are there not penalties for being mean toward others? I’m pretty sure Canon law demands that Catholics treat all humans with dignity and respect.

Another thing, folks should be kind toward Torah Law, Canon Law, Sharia law…as these systems of law if practiced correctly…treat all humans as equals.

During WW2, many Catholics were saying the same things about Jews as some Catholics say today about Muslims. The fact is that their are humans of all shapes, colors and religions in this world whom are intolerant. So I guess what I’m saying here to the Anti Muslims who want to ban Mosques from the USA is that your the same as the Third Reich Christians who wanted Synagogues out of Germany.

Now the anti Muslims might wonder why I support Islam and the Muslims. This is just one example of many,

If that one Muslim from Pakistan was the only nice Muslim of all Muslims in the world…Id find a way to respect Islam.


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