Islamic State: Turkey and US 'ready to invade capital'


Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suggested he and the US are ready to drive so-called Islamic State (IS) from its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa.

Mr Erdogan said US counterpart Barack Obama floated the idea of joint action against the militants when they met at the G20 meeting in China.

He said Turkey would have “no problem” with such action.

Last month Turkey launched an operation inside Syria, targeting both IS and Kurdish rebels.

October surprise? I can see Obama pushing here and clearing Mosul at the same time.


Turkey proposed just such a venture at least two years ago, but Obama turned it down.

But regardless, it will be U.S. in the air to keep the Russkies and Assad at bay, with Turks on the ground. That is, if it happens at all.


At this late stage in his presidency, I cannot imagine President Obama taking on an endeavor of this magnitude.


This is just an attempt by Turkey to draw attention away from their real enemies, the Kurds. Please note that US has supported the Kurds militarily in their war against ISIS in northern Iraq, But now that the Kurds have pushed into the Euphrates Valley, the Turks are becoming very concerned. They fear that the Kurds are trying to establish a Greater Kurdistan rather than trying to smash ISIS. They may be right; there is an ancient animus between the two peoples. But for us at CAF, here’s the real issue, the Kurds have been the only ones who would protect the diminishing Christian population from complete annihilation. With them out of the way, no one will be able to stop the genocide of the Chaldean people – either the hands of the Turks or the Islamist’s of Iraq/Iran who share a common border with Kurdistan. That’s the end-game. What ISIS could not accomplish in Kurdistan, the Turks will. Christianity will cease to exist in Mesopotamia. The US, under the current administration, will betray our Kurdish allies in favor of the Turks and abandon the Christians in order to make political gains. And what will the US get for this act of betrayal? An relationship with an unstable Islamist dictator who still hates the US. Some trade!


I don’t know. If the Turks do all the heavy lifting and all the U.S. has to do is bomb here and there, he might.


I don’t think it is much of a surprise. The newswires have been full of stories suggesting an attack on Mosul in October or November. Here are three news stories from the past week.

Iraq on track to retake Mosul this year, U.S. general says

Iraq is on track to meet its objective of retaking the city of Mosul from Islamic State later this year, should Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi choose to go forward as planned, the head of the U.S. military’s Central Command said on Tuesday.

“It’s the prime minister’s objective to have that done by the end of the year,” General Joseph Votel, who oversees U.S. forces in the Middle East, told a news conference. “My assessment is that we can meet the … prime minister’s objectives, if that’s what he chooses to do.”

Although Iraqi and U.S. officials have not announced a timetable for moving on the city, a senior Baghdad-based diplomat said last month Abadi wanted to bring forward the start of the Mosul campaign to October.

France deploys artillery, readies carrier ahead of Mosul offensive

“We decided to bolster our support of the Iraqi forces this Autumn with the aim of recapturing Mosul,” French Defence Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian told a gathering of defense and military officials in Paris.

“At this very moment, artillery is arriving close to the front line,” Le Drian said, adding that the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier would soon leave for the Middle East.

U.S. troops in Iraq increasingly active as Mosul battle nears


ISIS must be crushed by whatever means necessary.

Get on with it.


I agree wholeheartedly. But no one likes my ideas on how to go about it. :mad:


What you say makes a great deal of sense. One might add to it that Turkey might also be motivated by keeping Iran and its Shiite Arab allies from taking over Sunni populations uncomfortably near Turkish borders. Turkey is the Sunni “big dog” in the neighborhood, and I can’t imagine Turkey wanting Iranian forces anywhere near its borders.

Since the U.S. has been, in effect, the “Iranian air force” in the region, aiding Iranian-backed forces, (as has Russia, but different ones) one does wonder how, exactly, that’s to work if Turkish forces clash with Iran-allied-and-led Shiite Arab forces. Possibly that has been taken into account in some manner. :shrug:


While some Kurds have joined various militias in Syria/Iraq(including Pro Assad/Pro Russian militias) other Kurds have joined ISIL.

Christians and Muslims are on the same side when it comes to but not limited to the following,

-Various Pro Kurdish militias in Iraq and Syria.

-Various Christian-Muslim militias operating in Iraq and Syria

-The Iraqi Army

-The Syrian Arab army.

Turkey was the first ever Muslim majority country to recognize Israel and Turkey is a very honorable country with a tremendous history.


Turkey is actually a vile anti-Christian state.


Holy Crusader writes: "While some Kurds have joined various militias in Syria/Iraq(including Pro Assad/Pro Russian militias) other Kurds have joined ISIL.

While it is true that “some” Kurds have “joined” other militias in the war against ISIL, the predominant Kurdish force in the area is the YPG – an essentially all-Kurdish army who fight for Kurdistan’s interests first. The war against ISIL is a war to relieve Kurdistan of their presence. The numbers of Kurds who fight for Pro-Assad/Pro Russian or even ISIL forces is, I as I understand it, quite marginal.

“Christians and Muslims are on the same side when it comes to but not limited to the following,”

First of all It is hardly credible that Christians and Muslims are on the same side in almost anything in contemporary Mesopotamia. Christians are held as dhimmi’s to the general Muslim populations (i.e., they are considered to posses less dignity by law than a Muslim. They are expendable). The Kurds, who are for the most part, Muslims, have been protecting Christian (and Yazidi) populations from harm, not out of altruism, but out of political expediency. Kurdistan is striving to gain more than autonomy from Iraq/Syria/Turkey – rather, they are seeking sovereignty. They wish to become a nation state. The Christians and Yazidi’s were being exterminated by interloper armies of ISIL and a newly Islamicized Iraqi government. The Kurds took them in hopes of gaining American military support against the interlopers (which they got). But the Christians are still living in caravans (i.e., metal containers) outside of Kurdish towns. They are not allowed to own property in Muslim cities. They are still outcasts.

“Turkey was the first ever Muslim majority country to recognize Israel and Turkey is a very honorable country with a tremendous history.”

The Turkish government considers the (formerly) American supported Kurdish YPG to be a “terrorist organization,” and, as for the purported “honor” in Turkey’s “tremendous history,” I need only point to the Armenian genocide.


If this is for real, then the U.S. will provide some special units and air power. Turkey will do all the (acknowledged) ground combat. If Turkey commits sufficient forces and if the USAF keeps Assad and Russia off their backs, Turkey will crush ISIS, no question about it.

ISIS is not a strong power by any stretch of the imagination. The Kurds alone have taken significant territory from ISIS, and the Kurds are a long way from being a modern army. A relatively modern and well-trained army like Turkey’s will make short work of ISIS if Turkey puts in the forces to do it. And their “rules of engagement” will simply be to kill all ISIS fighters and suspected or imagined ISIS fighters, no matter what it takes to do it.

Turkey offered to do this years ago, but we wouldn’t provide the air cover to keep Assad from bombing and strafing Turkish troops. And so the killing went on and on and on and half of Syria moved to Europe. But we have a presidential election coming up, and Hillary needs a proxy victory over ISIS to claim, so I expect Obama capitulated on the air cover.

A further question is whether Turkey ever leaves what it captures. Might not with Iranian-allied Shiite forces threatening to retake Mosul.

Another is what Russia was given in order not to contest American air support. Could be the de facto partition of Syria is decided and agreed, and quite possibly with the Kurds out.


If the US government is really dumb or evil enough to provide heavy air support for the Turks, then the Kurds will turn 100 pct anti-American. A major assault on Raqqa will have to pass through Kurdish held territory, and I think we all know how that will go.


Even if they manage to destroy ISIS, it really doesnt matter, another group, probably more radical will just rise from the ashes later on down the road, the US should have learned this lesson by now.

IN this war on terrorism, there will NEVER be a ‘V-day’.


Hello August

I do respect some Kurds. Its just that I do not agree with all Kurds for the same reason I cant agree with all Arabs. Some # of Arabs, and some # of Kurds are in ISIL.

(i.e., they are considered to posses less dignity by law than a Muslim. They are expendable).

In Islam, Christians are equal to Muslims. Heres an example,

The Syrian Arab Army is also the only Arab army with multiple Christians serving as generals. The most famous of these was Daoud Rajha, the Greek Orthodox army chief of staff. The two most influential Lebanese Christian leaders, now on the verge of becoming the next president of Lebanon, are Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh, who are also allies of the Syrian Arab Army and President Assad. Deir al-Zour is an entirely Sunni city which has held out against ISIS encirclement for two years—and is commanded by the Druze General Issam Zahreddine.

Note the following video, A Shia Muslim commander talks about how during the time of early Muslims…that Ali(companion of Muhammad) viewed Christians as equals and did not try to convert Christians.

As for Turkey, the USA and Turkey are allies to this day. The line that no Muslim country would ever work with the Jewish state of Israel has been brought up, its the same type of talking point as suggesting that generally speaking non Muslims have it bad in Muslim majority countries. The evidence shows that Christians can rise to high positions in Lebanon and Syria.

The Jewish state of Israel and the Muslim majority Turkey are in a rebuilding process even after the attempted coup in Turkey.


It’s going to take an effort on the magnitude of genocide to destroy ISIS. Now, I’m now advocating this; I’m just saying that’s what it would take to completely eliminate the mindset from the world. Radical Islam has been fighting this war for millennia. It isn’t going to end anytime soon.


Our fellow Christians, from the Syrian Arab Army.

May Jesus Christ protect the loving and peaceful Syrian people.


Let’s liberate Al-Raqqah and do what we were not able to do during World War II with Germany. It would have been nice if we had liberated Berlin instead of the Soviets. I hope that capturing Al-Raqqah means the end for ISIS. We can hoist our own victory banner over the city. It will rejuvenate national pride for us to defeat the modern day fascists. The fall of Berlin means a lot to the Russians. I hope that the fall of Al-Raqqah can mean a lot to us. ISIS must pay for their crimes, the wings of their eagle will be broken.


Victory Day is of vast importance to the Russian people because of the fact that by that point well over 20 million Soviet citizes were dead. It is not an apt comparison, also IS is a terrorist group and destroying them or beating them is notoriously difficult. Even the Nazis were not fully defeated at the end of WWII and resurgent groups popped up trying to influence German and Austrian politics within a few years of the war. Also the U S, Britain and USSR all recruited from amongst the ranks of the Nazis for agents and sought various individuals to help them facilitate a variety of projects. As it was the Soviets and US were largely forced to leave a lot of the institutions in place under the Third Reich in place and just removetop level officials and change the names of state level organizations, simply because the pragmatic reality of running post war Germany meant they were the only people with experience to do so available in many cases.

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