Islamic State using Snowden leaks to evade U.S. intel: NSA official


A former top official at the National Security Agency says the Islamic State terrorist group has “clearly” capitalized on the voluminous leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden and is exploiting the top-secret disclosures to evade U.S. intelligence.

Bottom line: Islamic State killers are harder to find because they know how to avoid detection.

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They are just trying a new trick to make Snowden look guilty and evil. LOL Wont work on me though!!

This alone tells me Snowden really shined a light on alot of people and their actions by what he did, and now they cant stop whining and crying about it, and trying everything they can to get revenge on him…what a shame, they are the guilty ones here.

Edward Snowden is a TRUE American patriot and will be recognized eventually for this, just takes time for the people to see this, history proves this, just look at other patriots in the past, at some points, most of them were considered dangerous, traitors, and even criminals, but eventually, the truth comes out.


Yeah, right, blame Snowden. They will probably blame him for everything for the next 100yrs. He just shed light on their incompetence.


About what I’d expect to hear from a former top official of the NSA.


Admittedly, I didn’t read the article, so forgive me if what I’m about to say is ignorant:

Why are they still using protocols that have been compromised At some point, we should put ‘intelligence’ back into the intelligence services.

If they aren’t referring to specific security protocols and are simply referring to the fact that their massive illegal spy ring was brought to light, I don’t think it took Edward Snowden to make the terrorists realize they shouldn’t plan via email and facebook and international telephone (or telephone at all, for that matter.).


Yeah I’m not buying it.


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