Islamic Terrorism?

It’s difficult when Pope Francis’ words come down through the secular media, but did Pope Francis say these things when asked why he doesn’t call Islamic terrorism what it is?

“I don’t like to speak of Islamic violence because every day when I open the newspapers I see acts of violence, here in Italy: someone kills his girlfriend, someone else his mother-in-law…and these violent people are baptized Catholics! They are violent Catholics…If I spoke about Islamic violence, I would also have to speak about Catholic violence.”

and this?

“Terrorism is everywhere! … Terrorism … increases whenever there is no other option, when the global economy is centered on the god of money and not the human person, men and women. This is already a first form of terrorism. You’ve driven out the marvel of creation, man and woman, and put money in their place. This is a basic act of terrorism against all humanity. We should think about it.”

First of all. Catholics do not kill in the name of Christ. When Islamic terrorists kill, they do so in the name of Allah.

Secondly, there are poor people the world over. They have not taken up arms because they are poor. Plainly speaking, Islamic terrorism doesn’t come from economics; it comes from its theology. You don’t murder a priest on the altar in the name of Allah because you are poor.

I guess my question is first: Am I misinterpreting the Holy Father? If I’m not, how do I reconcile this when I don’t agree with what he says?

Well I will point out that like snips from the bible, when people talk sometimes they are speaking in relation to broader points and purposes…

Wjthout worrying about evaluating tbe details of every statement people including the Pope make, ask yourself:

“Was the Pope speaking infallibly as Pope or speaking fallibly as man?”

If the latter, than don’t reconcile anything, just keep on keeping on.

If I reconciled sone stuff the clergy said fallibly I would have to turn in my Catholic membership card… So I recognize a man is a man and church teaching is church teaching.

I spent 5 years in the Middle East in a predominantly Muslim country.
There is a great deal of difference between the news seen in the United States and that seen where I was living. While I did not learn Arabic since business is conducted in English, I still understood the public service announcements condemning the Jihadists. There is no question that Jihadists use propaganda to recruit. The public service announcements appealed to family relationships as a counter measure. Think about what you are doing to your family.
The crown prince of Bahrain gave a great speech regarding terrorism. We are not at war against terrorism. Terrorism is simply the weapon. We are at war against Daesh.

It is often forgotten that the major Muslim countries and imams have declared Faqwad and are at war against those who would use terrorism against the innocent, everything which goes against Islamic teaching. While the news focuses on those killed in Paris, it overlooks the Muslims who are killed on a daily basis. When 23 Christians were killed by Daesh, Egypt took measures to go after Daesh. They saw them first as Egyptian citizens. Coptic Christians have protected Muslims while they prayed and Muslims have protected Christians while they prayed.

Terrorism is not a new weapon. The man who drove a truck through those celebrating Bastille Day in Nice was not a practicing Muslim. According to his parents, he was a mentally ill drunk who did not keep Ramadan.

Good points.

The reality is Islamic extremism is a small fraction of all Muslims. That is the gist of the Pope’s remarks. You cannot equate violence/extremism/terrorism with a religion that is over 1 billion strong.

Catholics generally do not kill in the name of Christ nowadays but there are plenty of examples of Catholics doing that or purporting that their killing was done for such an aim in history, some of them are not so distant historically.

Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot was specifically in the name of the Pope… that was terrorism in that it even attempted to use explosives, so akin to modern terrorists. Then we had Orthodox terrorism in Romania against the Jewish people. Then Protestant terrorism (abortion clinic bombings, destruction of mosques, the KKK against non-Protestants)… to deny Christian terrorism is foolish.

Yes, but the left teaches that Muslims and Muslim Americans “need jobs” and that it really is the economy. Of course, the Qur’an and its resulting Sharia law contain violent incentive… you do not see Christian canon law or Jewish halakha containing violent incentive for today.

He is not speaking ex cathedra with the authority of the chair of Peter, and it is not a matter of faith and morals. He is not infallible on this one. Feel free, 100%, to have your own view. It is your own person thinking and speaking. In some periods of the past, your ancestors could not have thought different from the pope in public! Enjoy your freedom.

His Holiness Pope Francis here is simply commenting on Islamic terror. Yes, all religions (mostly) have had terrorism, including our own. Islam is just especially prone in the 21st century.

He wasn’t speaking Ex cathedra, so you don’t have to agree with him. However, you should take his holiness and charitable nature into account when deciding to disagree.

The point the pope is making, is that “Islamic terrorism” creates an “us and them” division between muslims and non muslims. The vast majority of muslims believe that Islam is a religion of peace and live as such, but there are some extremists who interpret it to suit them. ISIS want to create that division, because it serves their purpose. If you simply label them as ISIS terrorists, you do not imply that all muslims are somehow connected to terrorism.

Remember that slavers a few hundred years ago would have used the bible to justify their behaviour.

A recent article in Catholic World Report expressed similar concerns. Pope Francis seems to attribute violence to “fundamentalism.” But all fundamentalists are not the same.

Francis and Fundamentalism

The Holy Father can be wrong concerning matters such as this. It’s perfectly fine to think he is wrong and to disagree with what he says.

Catholic church has also done many atrocities
Perhaps refer the list of apologies made by JP2

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