Islamic threats in Sydney


We’ve had another incident of the Moslems threatening to kill people. It looks like they’re determined to have their Jihad.

One of the problems of our democratic societies is that we’re too democratic. The Moslem extremists are using the very same democracy they despise to perpetuate their hatred.

However we still kill 100,000 of our own unborn children each year, without mercy, and then we’re appalled when God allows a more violent religion to threaten our lives. I have no doubt that in the spiritual world, the two are linked. I think God’s moving on one almighty judgement against the world, with Moslem fanaticism as part of that judgement.


I agree. They make a mockery of civil society’s laws when obviously they promote & embrace shariah law. I pray that these poor people in this church will be safe.


The police response didn’t take long. Raids across Sydney and Brisbane from dawn this morning. It’ll be interesting to hear what the gammit of charges are later to day when the arrested appear in court. These people have renounced their humanity.


This is not looking good, their popping up everywhere.


We should pray for the safety of these Maronite Catholics.


Thank goodness they got info on these planned attacks.
Can you imagine the terror to see people kidnapped off the street and later beheaded in a video?!

These terrorists have no respect for human life.
They are nuts!


I think there is a weakness in democracy, especially a democracy that no longer is guided by a universally accepted cultural ethos.

I think secular democracies are slowly failing.


A terror plot in Australia was foiled. The suspects were planning to behead a member of the public, say reports.


I think the day is approaching when countries in the West are going to have no choice but to aggressively streamline and use the deportation process.


I agree. There have been so many Muslims coming into our area of the US. I see them in the park with the men walking ahead of the women. The women trail 10 feet behind them in their muslim garb, covered from head to toe. You just don’t realize how dehumanizing their clothing can be until you see the woman’s person almost completely erased by their clothing.


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