Islamist Etiquette- The Guidebook for Taking a Life


Honor among thieves? Check out the protocol of the Islamists!

Rule No. 1: You can kill bystanders without feeling a lot of guilt.

Rule No. 2: You can kill children, too, without needing to feel distress.

Rule No. 3: Sometimes, you can single out civilians for killing; bankers are an example.

Rule No. 4: You cannot kill in the country where you reside unless you were born there.

Rule No. 5: You can lie or hide your religion if you do this for jihad.

Rule No. 6. You may need to ask your parents for their consent.


Wow, no posts on this, and yet this is exactly the sort of thing that has people in the West worried… hey Paarsurrey, talk to us…


I checked the website, for the first point, I found:
The Koran, as translated by the University of Southern California Muslim Student Association’s Compendium of Muslim Texts, generally prohibits the slaying of innocents, as in Verse 33 in Chapter 17 (Isra’, The Night Journey, Children of Israel): “**Nor take life, which Allah has made sacred, except for **just ****cause.”

But the Koran also orders Muslims to resist oppression, as verses 190 and 191 of Chapter 2 (The Cow) instruct: “Fight in the cause of Allah with those who fight with you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loveth not transgressors. And slay them wherever ye catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out, for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter. …”

Now operations are going on in the Word against terrorists. So the verse states that for peace the transgressors should be punished.
The Christianity had also to promulgate Just War Doctrine.

Kindly read the verse with reference to context the you would get clarified.
Ella! you are welcome for discussion.
I am an Ahmadi – a peaceful faith in Islam bridging gaps between faiths/denominations/religions/agnostics
The West, as I understand, due to certain disinformation has seen only MullahIslam or MullahShariah; the true face of Muhammad’sIslam and PromisedMessiahImamMahdi’sIslam is yet hidden from their eyes, which is truly speaking only peaceful.
GodAllahYHWH is All-Knowing; one should invariably give Claim and Reason on all important issues from one’s Revealed Book; one shouldn’t try putting one’s own words into God’s mouth.


Very telling!:eek:



Please do not go down this road, it is opening a bag of bones so to speak.

We know and believe that not all of our Muslim brothers are killers, and terrorists. Just as we believe that not all Americans are trying to rule the world.

Peace be with you.


Admirable to warn against going down this road, but as has been demonstrated time and again this road is well travelled by many posters here and I expect to see the same faces going down it. Sad truth.


You did I hope note that the article points out that these “rules” in many cases violate or explain away traditional Islamic principles?

Given the arguments I have seen from the anti-Islamic folks on this board, you all ought to be arguing that these “Islamists” are not really Muslims, since they are going against traditional Islamic teachings. But I do not hear any of the usual suspects making this argument. I wonder why? Why are liberal Muslims “not real Muslims” when they try to explain away the violent teachings of traditional Islam, but radical Muslims are perfectly good Muslims even when they try to explain away the traditional limits on violence?

Neither the liberals nor the radical jihadists are in tune with the mainstream of traditional Islam–but both groups are Muslims for all that. And either group, or neither, could wind up defining what Islam becomes in the future.



Good point.

I lived in the Middle East, and experienced many things I did not agree with, but I know that this was not the simple little market gardener, who was so lovely, and gave us ladies flowers every week,or so many other people I have met on my travels.

I have read the Koran and I come back to the point, politics, controlling the people, and yes a deep spiritual thirst for God.

However, I have to say that these people who try to follow the real code of morality & spiritual code, like some American people, and people all over the world of this ilk, tend to get carried away and believe that they are acting directly from God.

I further believe that all that evil does require is that good men do nothing.
We Christians should not be looking at the glory of war, there is none, why, the flowers of our countries pass away without truly living & it is not of the LORD.

Evil is perpetrated all over the world today, and innocent people are suffering.

Why are we not in sorting out the Christian killers at Dafur.

Why did we allow the Christian people to be slaughtered in East Timor.

& WHY , are we allowing innocent Palestinian children to be tied to the front of Israeli vehicles in a war zone.

WHY for decades upon decades did we stand by and watch England wage war on innocent Christians in Ireland.
Send in the black & tan murder squads and terrorise a nation whilst their young men were fighting a war in Europe along side their countries terrorisers.

If I truly believed & judged all the peoples, as those who are guilty of the above crimes, I would be so wrong and anti Christ.

Therefore get a grip and stop judging, or ye shall be judged accordingly.

There is today, no OUT for taking anyones life.

Peace my friends,

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