Islamist Gunmen Massacre 49 on Kenya Coast


And so it continues and in Nigeria Maybe China has the right idea


Praying for the repose of the souls of those killed.


So I was thinking this morning.

With all the killing, death and carnage we are seeing in the news from syria to iraq to kenya and nigeria by islamic terrorists - what are the thoughts of the ordinary muslim who sees the atrotricities committed by their fellow muslims? Are there any muslims who would care to reply? No PM’s please.


How about not holding a few innocents responsible for the actions of hateful people?

Do you hold Protestants in general responsible for the actions of the Westboro Baptist Church? Catholics for the IRA?


Did I say I was holding anyone responsible?

I think you are reading way too much into my question.

I think the actions of the westboro baptist church are terrible and I also don’t like prolife extremists that kill abortion doctors or bomb clinics.
However, those incidents are rare.

My question is an honest one.


This is terrible news; pray for the departed souls in Kenya.


This is terrible. I’m constantly amazed that humans can do this to one another, I’ll be praying for those killed.


What is sad is that it is increasing and not decreasing and they brag about the brutal acts they are committing.


They’ve already struck again Look’s like Salafist inspired Jihad is really starting to go global.


Terrible, looks like a double standard to me, we are more concerned about Iraq than Africa.


this is becoming like the Rwanda genocide all over again…and we did not do anything to help the Rwandans at all.


With all the media coverage it seems they are all trying to get noticed.

I wouldn’t call it a double standard. We did send some people to nigeria to help look for the group of over 200 girls taken by boko haram.

Also we had already been fighting a war in iraq.


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