Islamophobia - Roland Weisselberg committed suicide


Self-immolating cleric dies

From correspondents in Berlin

November 02, 2006

A RETIRED German clergyman who set fire to himself apparently in protest over the spread of Islam, died in hospital today, a Church spokesman said.

Roland Weisselberg, 73, doused himself with petrol and set himself on fire outside a monastery in Erfurt in central Germany yesterday - a national holiday in parts of the country to celebrate the Protestant reformation.

He was taken to hospital with severe burns and died today, said Oliver Vorwald, a spokesman for the evangelical church association of the Saxony region.

Mr Vorwald said the bishop for the Erfurt region, Elfriede Begrich, was told by Weisselberg’s widow that the priest left a suicide note in which he expressed concern about the spread of Islam in Germany and the Church’s attitude towards it.

Weisselberg retired in 1989 due to ill health.

(The Australian, 02 November 06),20867,20687193-23109,00.html


**German pastor kills himself over Islam fear **
(via – Retired Protestant pastor in Germany has died after dousing himself with petrol and setting himself on fire, leaving behind a note saying that he was worried about the spread of Islam. Roland Weisselberg, aged 73, died in a special clinic on 1 November 2006 after setting himself alight at a service in the Augustinian monastery in Erfurt in east (1 day and 6 hours ago)


Why? This is just senseless… :banghead:


Islamophobia? I think maybe a bit of mental illness. We should pray for his soul.



Indeed it is senseless when Christians have all kinds of deadly weapons and propaganda machine in their full control.


Yes you should. But the question is why such Islamophobia is spreading in the countries like Germany where Holy Father recently gave a wonderful “rational” and “well thought out” speech in a University?


And this one is even more senseless I guess:

British soldier commits suicide to avoid killing children in Iraq

‘I can’t go to Iraq. I can’t kill those children’ - Suicide soldier’s dying words to his mother

While his peers from St Augustine’s Catholic school were this month contemplating university careers or first jobs, Jason Chelsea was preoccupied with a different future: his first tour of duty in Iraq.

The 19-year-old infantryman, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, was tormented by concern about what awaited him when the King’s Lancaster Regiment reached Iraq, where 115 British soldiers have been killed since 2003.

He had even told his parents that he had been warned by his commanders that he could be ordered to fire on child suicide bombers.


I didn’t think that there was a rash of Islamophobia. I haven’t heard that Muslims in western countires are being murdered for their beliefs.

Many people disagree with Islam but that is not Islamophobia.


Actually, there was a hijab wearing woman shot in the Bay area of California just recently. She was walking her kids to school in broad daylight. Likely hate crime.

Here’s a link:


Oh, it IS coming.
A great Jihad in the heart of Europa will awaken many but it shall be too late. I fear that there will also arise a “Fourth Reich” in answer to Islamic Terror.


How do you intend to stop it?

Do you support any specific measures? If so, let’s hear what they are.

Do you think fostering the belief that Muslims are going to rise up and try to kill all non-Muslims might have anything to do with incidents like the shooting of that mother in Fremont?


I haven’t heard about this case but I agree that it is very horrible.

But a few cases do not mean that there is a lot of Islamophobia. Are there a few people who hate others? Yes. But these are probably the same people that hate all immigrants and people of different religious beliefs and races.

When we lived in Washington State there was a compound of white supremists who lived just over the border in Iowa. These were very violent individuals. The Jewish synagogue which my husband visited had Nazi swastikas painted on it.I didn’t think that the town had a rampid phobia against Jewish people. I did think that the individuals involved were nut jobs.

Probably the same type of people who painted the graffiti on the synagogue were the same type who shot the Muslim woman.


I think this guy set himself on fire. I also think that I can never know what happened in his head to cause it. We don’t know if he was “Islamaphobic” or psychotic or depressed or on PCP. We know that he burned himself to death. I honestly doubt he did this out of fear of Islam. Most people are more afraid of burning to death then they are of Islam.



Caren676 is our new resident Muslim apologetic. He joined the group today and has started two threads-one about widespread islamophobia and the other arguing whether Mary and Joseph were married when jesus was born, needless to say he says they were not**.**

So welcome Caren676. I hope you find your visit here very enlightening. I will warn you, howver, that you will soon be asked questions about Mohammeds 9 year old Mistress and why Islam allows rape of Non-muslim women. People here are a surious about islam as you are Christianity.


I pray for the man’s soul, poor guy, and his poor widow.
As for Islamophobia in Europe, well, we’re all very cautious here in Germany as not to offend anybody (and wow, do they get offended easily). We’re being told to lead by good example (Christian example maybe?) and to be tolerant of whatever they throw at us. Some voice their concern, but by far more are preaching for tolerance, acceptance and integration. Being tolerant in those people’s eyes means a lot of times denying our Christian identities in order to cater to the Muslims’ needs. That scares me, but I seem to be quite alone with my concerns. Our pastor is preaching tolerance and how the Quran is basically teaching the same as the Bible (???). I definitely wouldn’t call it Islamophobia. My impression (and that’s just me now!) is that most Europeans are so luke warm in their own faith that they just don’t feel the need to say anything against the fast growing of more and more mosques all around us. I used to work at the German branch of the INS and we were briefed that we might have to wear head scarves soon (the women only) so we won’t offend the pious Muslims. Looks more like we’re all going to convert here soon. Maybe Roland Weisselberg was more concerned than the rest of us. May he rest in peace.


No-given the hatred expressed by Muslims towards Us I think it is admiarble that there have almost no acts of violence against them in this country. Would they could say the same about their treatment of westerners in their country’s.


I thank you for acknowledging the Pope as the Holy father. I also agree that his speeches are outstanding.



There is only one way to prevent it and you know what that “way” is.
Christendom however no longer has the zeal and the fortitude to enact the solution.
I am speaking of course of the same solution offered by James IV (It was rejected then as well, hence our current problems)


you’re back using a female username? beware, females lack intelligence :smiley:


I would’nt worry too much. I think the world is getting sick and tired of tippy toeing around Islam. Eventualy people will just tell angry Islamic’s to knock off the whining and back off. All it will take is an adjustment in “political correctness”. The expectation for political correctness needs to be transfered to Islam as well. It’s a two way street.


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