Islam's views and Islam's views on Jesus (revitalized thread)


I wanted to revitalize the thread started by jjb5985 because that thread flew off track and this is a very important subject for polemics of our faith.

I, more or less, wanted to quote what I wrote in that original thread and add that it is a very touchy subject. I have several Muslim friends and it is a very difficult thing to speak about our faiths with them because to me, the Muslim faith holds no water and I do not wish to insult anyone ever. This is what I wrote in the first thread:

I have problems speaking to muslims because my objection to the muslim faith is purely reason bassed. I never even have to crack the bible, torah or qur’an… After I began to form this argument against muslims (on a forum actually) I researched further to find this is called the “trilemma of the Christ”.

In my original formulation I proposed it rather crudly. The man named Jesus was either a scam artist, lunitic or the Christ. There are no other possibilities.

Propose this and watch them be unable to reject it. If one reads the greek text of the new testament it does not portray any other possibilities. Jesus Christ equals himself to God, uses references to old testament passages which align himself as being God incarnate, expresses that he is fulfilling the prophesies of the O.T. There is no argument, this trillemma is absolute one must choose one of those three options.

A resource for a more refined proposal of this Trillemma can be found:

Also I wanted to give a fresh place for people to ask questions and to learn more about Islam. Please feel free to bring up quesitons about Islam.


Shouldn’t this be in the Other Religions Forum?


No because it has to do with Appologetics but thanks for moving it anyway…


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I am sure you mean well, but trust me it will be seen by a lot more of the people who need it in this subforum. :thumbsup:


Yea I did not mean to snap back like that I am sorry. It is just there was a thread in the Appologetics forum that I wanted to revitilize.

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