Isn't It About Time Someone Did A Death of Superman Movie?

Well, now that the franchise is back on the big screen, I have thought about this. Actually, I’ve thought about it since “The Death of Superman” came out of DC about more than ten years back (I can’t believe it’s that long time already). Of course, since then Superman has returned, but I wonder how it would be pulled off on the big screen. I’m also wondering if anyone would do the same with Batman with the Knight Quest series, where Bane broke Bruce Wayne’s back and Jean Paul Valley, then as Azrael, took over as Batman and totally revamped the Batman look. I also hope that if done on film, it would do more justice to Jean Paul’s character (who had the misfortune, IMO, of being the target of fans since they’ve had enough of having Superman, Green Lantern and The Flash being replaced).

I don’t think there’ll be an onscreen death for any superhero any time soon - not as long as there’s money to be made from film franchises based on them.

Well, it’s a good storyline–back when it came out, The Death of Superman outsold any other comicbook that came out. Of course, DC returned Superman back after a long while. It would be a good addition to the story arc of Superman on film.

Interesting thread. Ever wonder why superheroes don’t ever die? I listened about 6 months ago, to a radio talk show (think it was Relevant Radio) whereby a priest likened the “non-deaths” of superheroes to Christ. No way was he comparing the two from a moral, or supernatural standpoint…but more of a metaphor standpoint. That society really does want good to conquer evil…and we don’t want our ‘saviors’ to die. That movie makers try very hard to create characters that are so good and kind…and who we can somehow hope to aspire to–that almost mimic, well…Jesus. (his words, not mine–but oh so profound) It was an interesting program–and I think that there’s something to that…:hmmm:

Well, three superheroes died in X3…and that movie stunk. :rolleyes:

:blush: i didn’t see X3…what is that? lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

X-Men III: The Last Stand. :wink:

They are doing an animated one for release on DVD.

I agree thought that it could be awesome to see as a live action film on the big screen. Still I think I will check out the DVD.

You beat me to it.

Actually, Warner Bros. did have a live-action Death of Superman movie in development hell throughout much of the '90s. It initially had a working title of Superman Reborn, and later Superman Lives. At one point Nicolas Cage was attached to star as the Man of Steel. :eek: But the Death of Superman script was ultimately scrapped.


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