Isn't it important to be married in the Church? ...

I am so, so, so very happy that my oldest son was recently married in the Catholic Church, at West Point… the day after he graduated. I was also honored, to be able to read one of the readings at their marriage mass. I don’t know if I’m more excited that he graduated from West Point, or that he married a good Catholic girl and that he had a Catholic wedding. For those here who think that God is “wherever you are”, and I believe that too but probably in a difference sense… isn’t it important to be married in the Church? …
Your thoughts?

Thanks for sharing. May God bless them, and guide them in this new important life as one flesh!. I hope I may marry a good catholic girl someday, Amen!.

(By the way, I think this is more appropriate for family life sub-forum.)

My wife and I got married in the Church, and we both believed it was the right way to start our marriage. Earlier that year I received confirmation and my first holy communion, so for me it was a very special thing.

Congratulations! Great photo. When I first glanced at it I mistook that elegant bouquet for a Maltese dog! Old eyes, I am afraid. Leaving aside the religious issues, I think those of us who do not believe do miss out on the benefits of Church architecture. So many buildings available for functions are well, functional. Churches invest in beauty. We non-believers often miss out in the choices we have to make. Not that I don’t think my in-laws have a nice living room…:slight_smile:

Yes, vitally important. Can’t imagine doing it any other way.

And on a side note…my what a handsome lad! And his bride is just lovely! Ahhhhhh, memories…:smiley:

Congratulations–what a beautiful couple! May God bless their marriage always.

My wife and I were civilly married and later had a convalidation, in a Catholic Church of course, which was important to her and her family. Her younger brother had just been ordained as a Catholic priest, and he was able to officiate.

My parents were in a similar situation, Dad was a lapsed Catholic and Mom was non-Catholic and they married in a civil ceremony. They had a convalidation when I was a teenager. It may have been helpful for them on some level, but it didn’t make sense to their kids. We knew that our Catholic relatives didn’t consider Mom and Dad married, and it just seemed like they were buying into that. My older brother was really bitter about that, me, not so much.

I think if the couple believe it’s important, it is, but civil marriage is important too. I wouldn’t want to tell anybody that they or their parents aren’t really married without a church ceremony, Catholic or not.

I pray God’s countless blessing on your son and his wife, and may you be blessed as well, Jimmy.

I absolutely agree with you. My personal experience is we were married in the parish my wife and I were members of. We had a full Eucharistic service, and my dad, who was a Lutheran pastor, travelled to assist our pastor in our wedding. As he passed away not long after our wedding, I have received great joy and memories of that day - receiving His grace through word and sacrament, with my dad present.


Congratulations! I am not married,but I absolutely believe a couple should marry in the church. I actually was accepted into the U.S. Air Force Academy,but I turned it down due to the fact my mother became ill. I have no regrets going to a four year university and still joined the Air Force afterwards. May God bless them both and your families.

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