Isn't the Protestant church doing good by being more missions and evangelism oriented?

Finally, question 9 from the previous thread:

  1. Isn’t the Protestant church doing a good thing by having a much more evangelical and missions-oriented mindset than the Catholic church? Aren’t Protestants doing good by evangelizing to a spiritually dead Europe and reviving Latin America, while Catholics are resting on their laurels?

First there is no Protestant church, there are protestant churches which at this point have now branched off into dozens of splinters some of which are little different from Liberal Secular Humanists in their toleration of sin.

Second, Catholics are most certainly not “Sitting on their laurels”. The Church has a very difficult responsibility to both revitalize their traditional holdings such as Europe and Latin America from Secularism (and protestants that you’ve mentioned) as well as spread the Truth in the form of missions to less developed countries.

As for the question if Protestants are doing good, I can’t say really for one as a Catholic I’m not to overjoyed of seeing converts to protestantism but beyond that I can’t be certain that any protestant mission would be healthy morally, after all plenty of Protestants now see artificial contraception as not a problem for one earthly example.

It would help a lot if what they were spreading wasn’t, in fact, a different Gospel. See this analysis from an article on my blog. Who REALLY Preaches “A Different Gospel”?

Aren’t Protestants doing good by evangelizing to a spiritually dead Europe

From all I’ve been reading those efforts are falling flat and Europe is steadily progressing further into atheistic secularism and cultural suicide because they embrace the same morality that so many n-Cs do about artificial birth control to the point where their society will die off and be supplanted by non-Christians, particularly Muslim culture, which has no such thinking.

and reviving Latin America, while Catholics are resting on their laurels?

Yeah, right…I know a number of Catholics involved in work in Latin America even as I type this and everything that I’m hearing from them is that your people go there and seek to impose a very American “Christianity” upon the people and in fact you fail because so many of those people are illiterate and poor, that your distribution of Bibles and New Testaments in their own language is wasted because they can’t even read them. Most often your teams are there for a while and while there you hold meetings and feed some people and the when you go away feeling all warm and fuzzy about your great mission success… but once you’re gone, things collapse again and the people are no better off spiritually or any other way.

Catholics however go…and stay. We open not only churches, but schools, clinics, and even businesses to help the people make every aspect of their lives better. And they are led to Christ by hearing the Gospel preached at ever Mass and seeing the faith of our people in action who live and work right alongside them all the way.

For instance, in Chimbote, Peru, where our parish supports the local Catholic parish there was a terrible problem of rat bites on the kids because everyone slept on the floor. So money was donated and sent to them so that they could establish a small business to make beds that fixed that problem. The business provided employment so that it gave income and dignity to the people and also addressed that health issue. To my knowledge this continues even now.

There’s a lot more to it, but that’s just one example.

Worse still… is the fact that your efforts in most Latin American countries are anti-Catholic in nature, working to proselytize Catholics away from our most holy faith with errant new winds of doctrines of men, like Sola Scriptura, Sola Fide, and once saved always saved. That’s not good at all.

It is a difficult question. I would say objectively it is bad because they are spreading confusion. On the other hand it could help to stimulate a re-examination of the failure of the Catholic Church to teach Her teachings and leave the Liberation Theology in the dust.

Communists infiltrated the Church there and taught a Marxist form of Christianity. Not to mention a good bit of Modernism heresy, like we have here.

One thing I can say which is good is that they teach that belief in Jesus as Lord and Savior is necessary for salvation. A love for Scripture is good too but at the expense of the sacraments which are necessary for salvation.

I just hope the renewal here in the States by organizations like Catholic Answers and EWTN can get there and defend against this confusion.

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