Isn't using a St. Joseph house selling kit kind of like adolotry?


It has been suggested to us to use a St. Joseph house selling kit for our relocation. We will be putting our house and store up for sale next week. I feel kind of strange about the St. Joseph home selling kit, almost as those it is idolotry?


Then don’t do it. I wouldn’t. Mainly because it’s just plain weird. If I need the intercession of St. Joseph…I know where to find him.:wink:


It strikes me as more superstitious than idolatrous. Let’s face it - nobody can actuall explain why St. Joseph would be more likely to intercede for you if you bury a statue of him and do all that other stuff. It’s just old-world superstition.


My advice is don’t do it. It is pseudo pagan rubbish and frankly an embarrassment to the Catholic faith. I know people do it and bury the statue upside down (etc) but it is this kind of stuff that helps make Catholics look really silly. That and venerating every Tortilla and sepetic tank that ends up having an image of Christ or the BVM due to being over cooked or rust patterns.

Yes…I know most Catholics are embarassed by the nonsense as well. You are to be congratulated for commense sense to ask. I suspect you ask because you know there is something wrong.

My advice is just to ask Christ for His will and in His timing.

Rev North


Answer from EWTN which quotes the Catechism on the use of Sacrementals.


The idea of burying a statue of St. Joseph in your yard to sell your house is absurd. I like to think that somebody blurted that out as a joke and it has festered.

St. Joseph is the patron saint of families. Selling a house often affects a family. If you want to start a novena to St. Joseph and ask him to pray for you and your family as you move, go right ahead. If you want to put a statue of St. Joseph in your home somewhere as a reminder go right ahead.

But that’s about it. There’s no hocus pocus.


Actually…it is sadly true. I have known a number of people that did (think it needs to be buried upside down) and claimed it worked.

My wife was Catholic and embarassed by this sort of thing. Being of German extraction she considered herself more practical.

Rev North


I did a search on the internet, and found that there were thousands of web pages, selling this notion to people, as if it was “the way” to sell a house. Do this and you are sure to sell. Even the debunkers of myths, seem to be on board on this one. Amazing really. Personally, i’d rather honor Saint Joseph in prayer, and litany . …

Does it take away from the GLORY OF GOD? That’s question that needs to be answered. I mean to say, the Saints GLORIFY GOD, through JESUS CHRIST. Therefore the idea of intercession of the Saints is not a problem, because they honor and point to CHRIST, and CHRIST GLORIFIES GOD OUR FATHER who is well pleased in HIS only begotten SON.

Nobody would think twice about using a cross to ward off an evil spirit. That’s of course logical. Therefore we can say that Sacrementals have some merit, in the blessing of a priest. And intercession also is clearly defined, through JESUS CHRIST our LORD, and particularly by intercession of our MOTHER MARY.

I think that in particular when a sacremental, or a prayer for intercession, becomes “wildly popular in the secular culture” it is getting away from the core meaning of the intercession of the Saints, which is to bring our petitions to CHRIST, that JESUS OUR HEAD may offer them to GOD OUR FATHER.

Saint Valentine’s Day is an example . … Saint Christoper Medals, and again this Saint Joseph real estate statue thing . … all seems to be to have achieved the status of secular mythology, new age transcendentalism . …

I’ve always prefered an old fashioned prayer from the heart.


We sold our house using the real old fashioned way, we lit votive candles at our parish and asked for the intercession directly.

Oh yea, and a priest friend went to the Holy Land and said a Mass for our intention at the Shrine of the Carpentry of St. Joseph in Nazareth. :thumbsup:


here’s a humorous website on the subject :smiley:

Rome Depot


Performing a certain act (burying a statue upside-down) so that an unrelated result will (or will not) occur (selling a house) smacks of superstition and witchcraft.


As a RE/MAX agent, I have helped my clients buy and sell nearly 200 homes in the past four years.

To my knowledge, none of them (Catholics included) buried any statues to help sell their home. They hired me instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have never suggested this practice, and if any of my clients ever propose it to me, I will discourage them from engaging in this superstitious nonsense because I believe it brings ridicule and derision upon our faith.

I have also suggested to the owners of the local Catholic bookstore that they should stop selling these statues.

Hope this helps. :tiphat:


Which is why there are numerous people selling the things. Where there’s a market…


I bought a small, plastic statue of St. Joseph and kept it in my kitchen window as a reminder to ask his intercession.


Yes that would be superstition and a grave sin against the First Commandment.


Go ahead and call me crazy!!! I’m new to the Catholic faith and just became Catholic at Easter. Our priest and others were discussing the use of the St. Joseph statue to sell a home and I was about to put a home on the market… I thought what could it hurt.

I read up on the matter on several Catholic web sites and did the following…I purchased a small statue of St. Joseph (approx. 12") I put it in a plastic bag and burried it upside down facing my home. It was burried right next to the “for sale” sign.

The Realestate agent laughed but said that she had heard of it.

In a three week period the home was shown to 37 couples. We had 3 offers and sold for our asking price…

The thing is not the statue but the fact that once you go to the trouble to bury the statue you follow through with many many prayers.

St. Joseph was a step-father that had to move in a hurry in order to protect Jesus and Mary.

At closing I told my story to the new owners and the attorney. I was giving my testimony of the power of God!! To my surprise the attorney told me that he always hears this same story in a quick sale.

I also had to get the permission of the new owners to dig up the statue and put it in a place of honor in my new home. He sits in my kitchen window and I remember to say a prayer everyday while I’m in the Kitchen.

There is no worship of a statue, it is similar to your crucifix or rosary. Just a physical thing to aid or remind you to pray.

Thanks be to God for selling my house so quickly!!


So, Pyropam, you are saying it’s your prayers that helped sell your house? AMEN!!! Good for you, my friend!

Are you saying it’s the upside down statue in the ground? “Houston, we have a problem”.


There is no doubt in my mind that many many people believe that this pagan tactic works. It is one of those left over notions that followed our European ancestors from Europe. In the country sides of many European cultures there were many such pagan practices. In the 19th and early 20th century, when these relatively uneducated and poor people immigrated to this country, many such ideas came with them. The term pagan, by the way, is a term once applied to those serfs and peasants who lived on and worked the land.

At worst they were sheer superstition, at best they probably represent some level of faith in and devotion to a Saint with a particular assigned role. Many Saints in my opinion gained these popular roles because they replaced the pre-christian gods who had similar roles among the pagan (country) folk. In the olden prechristian times there were shrines to pagan gods at corners and cross roads. Christian Bavaria is one place where it is still pretty common to see such roadside shrines which are now of a Christian nature

Yes, I agree, burying Joseph in ones yard is superstition. :slight_smile:


The practice is, in fact, magic – an attempt to control greater powers for your own good. And while the ritual seems to be tamed down a bit now, it wasn’t always just ‘bury and pray’. Used to be, one buried Joseph upside down, and said ‘I’ll dig you up once you sell my house’. Not the sort of treatment a saint should get, no?


I did the practice, but do not consider it idolatry, but instead just an exercise in prayer for the intercession of a great saint. And wouldn’t you know it? The house has a buyer in one of the hardest markets in the USA right now!

Thank you, St. Joseph, for your intercession to your foster son, Jesus. In His Most Holy Name, Amen!

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