Israel accused of dooming Ethiopian baby boom

A feminist movement has accused the Israeli government of adopting a racist policy towards the country’s Ethiopian Jews.

Activists believe black women are deliberately being given a controversial contraceptive drug to bring about a drop in the population – a claim the government denies.

Thousands of Ethiopians have immigrated to Israel since the 1980s, but their Jewish heritage has been questioned, while their social status continues to suffer.

For nearly four years, Racheli Mangoli has been running a youth center in one of Israel’s poorer communities. Forty-five Ethiopian families live here, but throughout that entire time, only one Ethiopian baby has been born in this neighborhood, and that has alarmed Racheli.

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Russia Today: Racist birth control? Claims Israel culling Ethiopian Jews:

Israel is the only country in the world to have actively promoted and assisted mass immigration of black Africans.

I don’t know what is worse. The people who fabricate the nonsense in your quoted article or the people who believe it to be true. Funny thing, as “we control all the world’s media”, I can’t understand how the article managed to get published in the first place. :shrug:

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