Israel Declares Itself 'Jewish State,' Jerusalem as Eternal Capital


This is an interesting development.
It passed 62-55.


Few nations do not do this in some manner. Germans are German and speak German. Frenchmen are French and speak French. There are minorities in all of them, some of whom speak other languages.


Breaking news from 1948?


Spoiler alert - we formed the US Air Force.

Good for Israel.


Israel had to do this. Demographics are showing that the Arab minorities are outpacing the Jews in fertility and would eventually turn Israel into another Arab country in a generation or two. The Jewish Israelis had to decide now on the future nature, characteristic and purpose of their Jewish country. Or risk losing it. The lesson for us is that open borders are not synonymous with the ability to retain the culture, that demographics are often destiny.


I am pleased this passed. I opened the
thread for discussion.

I am surprised there were no protests before the vote took place. I have not read of any and I was not aware the vote was taking place.


So can Norway be a White state? Can Sweden be a Christian state? I already know the answer. Almost everyone contemplating the thought nearly passed out in horror at the idea. There is no difference. The US activist courts that stop legislative and executive actions ought to find aid to Israel unconstitutional since it is very clearly a racist state dedicated to only one people.


On 14 May 1948, the day before the expiration of the British Mandate, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, declared “the establishment of a Jewish state in Eretz-Israel, to be known as the State of Israel.”

Wasn’t this announced 70 yeas ago…


What state other than the U.S. isn’t? Germany is full of Germans. FRance is full of French. The Czech Republic is full of Czechs.

Now it is true some of the European countries are trying desperately to become something other than what they are through immigration. The Democrat party in the trying to do it here as well. But I think they’re going to be disappointed when Hispanics turn into Americans, which many, many are in the process of doing.

It will take a generation, and the Dems might establish a “Peoples’ Republic” here before it happens, but ultimately the Mexican immigrants, at least, will all be Republicans, and to the right of today’s white Republicans. Might be different with other Hispanics.


Jewish is a race or religion. Sure Germany is full of Germans (less with Merkle’s plan) but the German state isn’t just for Germans. Like I said is Norway declaring itself for White people or Sweden for Christians acceptable? If not what is the difference with Israel?


The difference is that Israelis values being Jews while Germans no longer value being Germans. No mystery there.


The Germans aren’t allowed to be Germans. Their political leaders, educators and business leaders all punish them for valuing being German. Israel is a country where the people are allowed to be unapologetically in favor of their people. No European country is allowed that.

Why is Israel allowed to be for Jews but Germany not for Germans?


Yes, when I go to Ireland I am instantly attacked by thought police if I speak in Irish or attend a patriotic event.


Try saying Ireland is for the Irish.


Certainly, if by that you mean anyone who holds Irish citizenship then I have no problem with it as a concept. As a statement meant to exclude I dislike it, in any case what is meant by ‘Irish’ opens a huge can of worms straight away.


That isn’t what is meant by the statement by Israel. Their law is that Israel is only for Jewish people.


Is it, that’s not what i’m getting out of it. That may be what you want to get out of it but I don’t see that stated anywhere.


This seems pretty straightforward.

Israel is the historic homeland of the Jewish people and they have an exclusive right to national self-determination in it.


I agree that this was a problem. However, the solution does come at a cost to democracy. That being said, I am not sure that Israel being an “open” democracy like the United States is such a good idea. They should still be tolerant of Arabs and allow them to practice their religion without coercion, but the state of Israel should be organized to support the Jewish people, the Jewish faith and Jewish culture. Catholics have the Vatican, Muslims have Mecca, and Jews have Jerusalem. Seems fair to me.

That is not the lesson for the United States.

The nature of American culture is to be a melting pot, and the nature of an American identity is be a product of accommodation and assimilation to the wild and wacky free market of cultural expression that is the United States. The more immigration the better, but nobody gets special treatment.

That is what makes American great!

Trevor Noah had a terrific commentary on this when got into trouble with the French government. It’s kind of long, but worth it.


This is laughably absurd. Where do you get your ideas, because this doesn’t describe Democrats at all.

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