Israel Declares Itself 'Jewish State,' Jerusalem as Eternal Capital


The Vatican is the smallest country in the world. Catholics have no right to move there. It is in no way comparable to Israel. Israel is a country that took land from others and gives it to only a particular race or religion.

A more comparable case would be if Norway declared it was only for Norwegians by blood or Lutherans/Church of Norway members. Then it would be like Israel if Norway started pushing out non Norwegians and bringing in those of Norwegian blood or Lutherans from other lands.


Maybe not today, but I’m pretty sure they could change their immigration laws if the wanted.

That pretty much sums up the way things have always worked in that region. 1400 years ago the Arabs did the same, before that it was the Romans, before that the Greeks, before that the Persians, before that… you get my drift, right? To the victor goes the spoils.

Arabs have no more claim to the land than the Romans they “took it” from did. Arabs just don’t want to admit that they lost, their empire collapsed, were conquered by the British, and now what they did to the Byzantine Christians in the 7th century is exactly what Israel is doing to them in the 21st.

Europe is certainly facing a cultural crisis. If I were Norwegian I would be worried about immigrants coming into my country. I don’t have any problem with a nation like Norway using taxpayer dollars to support and preserve traditional Norwegian culture. I would think some favoritism would be in order.


You’ve basically hit the mark here.
Whoever wins gets to claim legitimacy. I see people condemning terrorism and condemning hostility etc. at the end of the day whoever conquers, well, conquers.

California does not belong to Mexico, it belongs to USA.
Faukland islands belong to Britain not Argentina.
Crimea belongs to Russia not Ukraine.
Tibet belongs to China.
In some years time Taiwan will also belong to China.


I don’t think this is what the law means at all. They will not be kicking the Muslims and Christians out tomorrow.


This is the end result of a move from Israel to legalise segregated communities, essentially legalising a form of Israeli apartheid that already exists practically in the nation. I’m not really surprised that we have Americans in the thread defending this.

The sooner the Israeli state is destroyed and ethno-nationalists like Netanyahu are held accountable, the better.


Which race has Israel declared? It is my understanding that Jews can be of any race, and are.
If Sweden wants to declare itself a Christian state, that isn’t racist since Christian isn’t a race.

The Eastern Band of the Cherokee determines who is a tribal member by percentage of Cherokee blood. Is that racist?


Is this true or are you being misleading??? for a funny?


I am being tongue in cheek in my reply.


Actually, considering Ireland’s laws on nationality and who can apply for a passport we might well be accused of being very naughty as those laws are based on you having at least on grandparent born in the country and thus are rather nationalistic. It’s also why we have far more people outside the state with a passport than living in it and why a flood of people started rushing to apply in the UK once Brexit came along.


And that is sad for Germans and Germany, if it is true.

I am an American, ethnically American. I think America is for Americans. If one wants to come here, come legally and be ethnically American


If the contention were true. It’s a talking point of the far right, certainly even I’d concede there are issues regarding migration but the idea that Germans place no value on their nationality is simply not true.


I should have said,” if this is true, it is sad for Germany “. If I decided to move to Germany, I would learn German and educate myself on being German.


When a political party supports “open borders” and is gleeful about what it sees as “demographic change”, it’s hard to conclude that they don’t mean it.


All the Oklahoma tribes do too. The Cherokee are the most liberal in allowing one to be of Cherokee ancestry, but you still have to prove it. But it has never seemed offensive to me.


No party supports “open borders”. You may like to try to persuade the unwary, but what you posted is simply not true.

Glee? :roll_eyes:
Are you concerned about demographic change?

  1. Apartheid? Have you been to Israel? I have. I visited Haifa that is 20% Muslim…no walls. I visited the Muslim Quarter of the Old City…it was not walled off from from the rest of the City. So if not ALL Muslims are separated, what is different about those that are? Could it be…just possibly…that those that are separate by a wall tend to be those that want to exterminate the Jewish people???

  2. Your last sentence seems to advocate violence against the Jewish people. Care to clarify?


In other words, you just took the opportunity to say something negative about Democrats, even though it’s not true. How deplorable.

That “demographic change” you mention is largely Catholic. That makes Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy at the border anti-Catholic.

But even if people from Latin American weren’t your brothers and sisters, called to Christ by our Lady of Guadalupe herself, you should welcome them all the same.

As you rightly point out, in the United States it only takes one generation to transform a family of foreigners into an American family.


I think a lot of churchmen are going to question their open borders stance in the future. Have you not noticed the enormous proliferation of Hispanic protestant churches, particularly the ones for Central Americans? They take it back to the home countries. Guatemala used to be all Catholic. Now it’s 40% evangelical protestant.

You could just as well, and perhaps better, argue that open borders is anti-Catholic, since it has resulted in the apostasy of so many Catholics.

It has seemed somewhat different to me when it comes to Mexicans. Guadalupana is part of their culture as well as a representation of the Virgin Mary. The very existence of “La Raza” is, they believe, owed to her. She IS Mexico. They seem to stay with the Church more. But even among them, there is a lot of apostasy to Protestantism in this country.

Central Americans leave in droves, mostly to evangelical sects.


That is what it means. They may not kick them out tomorrow. But that could happen in the future. It is a big mistake to think Christianity faces no risk from the state of Israel.

This is always the problem with this issue. Is Jewishness a race or a religion? But here I think it is clear they mean the race of Jews.



Israel has a very clear, and very ethnic, standard of who constitutes a Jewish person. Black Ethiopian Jews, for example, are not very welcome in Israel.

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