Israel denies Omar and Tlaib entry after Trump tweet


Can’t say I blame Israel.


I don’t like the headline here. It seems to directly tie it to Trump. This matter was being examined for some time as to whether these two Representatives should be admitted to Israel. The Hill at times, I think does have a slant.

I posted about 30 minutes before the OP here:

In thread: Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Barred From Entering Israel Over BDS Support; Netanyahu in Meetings: Reports

Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib Barred From Entering Israel Over BDS Support; Netanyahu in Meetings: Reports

Israel it seemed to me, were going to let them in as a courtesy to the United States.

Think, if they representatives had been from Spain, England or other countries, I doubt they would have been given clearance.

So, this is probably a fair action.

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And why should Israel let anybody in who’s ideology is bent on its destruction? Almost sounds suicidal to let those in that are highly motivated to see you die.


If they were from say, England or Spain, I’d think no-way they would have been let in… but as Representatives in the USA, I think they could have been let into Israel as a courtesy to the USA.

I don’t want to begrudge Representative Rashida Tlaib’s fight for the cause of the Palestinian people. I don’t find her to be unacceptable in her views, I mean to say I’m tolerant. It doesn’t mean I agree with her views.

Omar seems to express radical views though, again, all in my humble opinion. To me, she just expresses radicalism. Just my 2 cents.


To the degree that they are in favor of a fair peace agreement that enables the Palestinian people to live as human beings within the State of Israel, I support their effort. To the degree that they are bent on the annihilation of Israel because they are both anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic, I am opposed to their extremism. I’m not sure their views are exactly the same and I certainly have no idea what is in their hearts. However, I don’t think Israel’s denial of their entry is something that is so unreasonable, given that the leadership and many of the people in the Arab nations in general, if they could, would have no qualms in wiping Israel off the face of the earth at a moment’s notice. Israel is forever in a precarious situation, fighting for its very survival.


I know in a superficial way what BDS is. Now, does it have certain very negative effects and ramifications against Israel where one could say that, if it was carried out to the max, it would threaten the livelihood of the nation? I have heard that. Just like say if there was some action against the USA that was “boycott, divest, sanctions” against the US.

Anyway, the claim on the radio was that this was all about their supporting BDS, if they are totally against BDS, I know some of the Democratic candidates have voted against outlawing it in America.

Which would be the end of Israel as a Jewish state. Considering how Jews are treated in the rest of the Muslim states of the Middle East, I understand Israeli reluctance.

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I think that says all that needs to be said. And knowing them as Israel undoubtedly does, Israel can in no way be blamed for barring them.

Can’t blame Israel, if that’s what they want to do…but if the decision is solely because the PM isn’t about to cross Trump, it doesn’t speak well for that nation’s government…

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Wait…I thought it was the Jews that controlled the US, not the other way around. All about the Benjamins…amiright.

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LOL…how charitable!

That’s what makes this so fascinating (yet sad)…while what you thought (it was the Jews that controlled the US) is the sentiment of the Trumps numerous racist base…it seems he’s burning the candle at both ends…pander to white nationalist, while at the same time pandering to Israel…yikes!

You need to brush up on your history.

I think it’s a bad move on Israel’s part. This was an opportunity to forge some common ground with two Congresswomen that have a very bad view of Israel. By meeting with them, you might be able to change their minds or, at least, soften their stance. It also means not alienating the Democratic Party which will be in power again at some point. Israel can’t really afford to alienate half the US power structure.

I can’t either, but it might be better to take them to the border where Hamas is involved in ongoing violence. Take them to the communities where rockets regularly hit.
It may not convince them, but they will be able to see what evil they are supporting.


These are grown women, and members of congress whose constituents endorse their candidacy. They’re not fifth graders. When they can’t even call the country “Israel”, but refer to it as “Palestine”, they don’t really have to explain more that they’re talking demographic replacement. We have seen that before in history, and it was awful then and is now.

You’re assuming they don’t know what’s in the news repeatedly. Everybody else knows it, why not them?

Read the latest?

It was Palestine before it was Israel and what happened there was demographic replacement.

Has there been talk of demographic replacement by these Congresswomen? I had not heard of that.

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