Israel discovers Hamas’ civilian death manual


From the New York Post:

They’re putting their own people in the line of fire — and doing it by the book.

The Israeli military said it has captured a Hamas manual on urban warfare — called “Introduction to the City War” — that extols the benefits of civilian deaths and openly admits that Israel tries to avoid them.

The Israel Defense Forces also said the manual — whose cover shows images of militants wielding rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons — crows about the propaganda value of the deaths of innocents.

I know, it’s written in the tabloid style of the New York Post.

From Arutz Sheva:

Captured Hamas Urban Warfare Manual Encourages Human Shields

The IDF has published excerpts from a captured Hamas combat manual on “Urban Warfare”, showing how the Islamist terrorist group exploits civilian casualties - and the knowledge that the IDF will seek to avoid them - to its advantage.

The IDF says the manual was captured in Shujaiya suburb of Gaza City, which was the scene of particularly heavy fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Among other things, the manual urges Hamas fighters to exploit the IDF’s desire to minimize civilian casualties, noting:

“The soldiers and commanders (of the IDF) must limit their use of weapons and tactics that lead to the harm and unnecessary loss of people and [destruction of] civilian facilities. It is difficult for them to get the most use out of their firearms, especially of supporting fire [e.g. artillery].”

Echoing official Hamas rhetoric, which glorifies civilians used as human shields as “holy warriors” and “martyrs”, the manual says that the “presence of civilians are pockets of resistance”, in that their presence can contribute to the organization’s war effort in three specific ways:

Here is the official press release covering the disclosure of the manual.

Also, see Mediaite and CNN.

Keep in mind that the original source of all these stories is that original release from the IDF. Since they are one of the belligerents, that does mean that it should be taken with a grain of salt.

If true, it explains a whole lot.


Targeting civilians has long been a tactic of both terrorist and military organisations.

Here’s a few the Israelis have carried out themselves. Long time ago in some cases, but they were just as guilty as Hamas.

Also from Wikipedia -

“Lehi assassination of the United Nations mediator Folke Bernadotte, negotiator of the release of about 31,000 prisoners (including thousands of Jews from Nazi concentration camps during World War II),[39][40] whom Lehi accused of a pro-Arab stance during the cease-fire negotiations.”

  • Bernadotte helped to negotiate the release of thousands of Jewish prisoners during WWII, but he was pro-Jewish enough for the Zionists, so they killed him.

From an American independent journalist - Jewish army killing Palestinian civilians this time.

Even before a short-lived ceasefire allowed journalists to enter the besieged southern Gaza Strip town of Khuzaa on 1 August, desperate reports of an Israeli massacre — including execution-style shootings — had emerged from survivors who had escaped to nearby Khan Younis.

Once journalists were able to enter the choked-off village, they found slain bodies and the stench of decay. Journalist Jesse Rosenfeld described one scene, among several, that appeared to be the site of a summary execution: “Blood and blackened remnants are caked on the bathroom floor. The walls have been drenched in blood and they are pocked with scores of bullet holes that look as if they were fired from an automatic weapon at waist level.”

The Palestinians are a displaced people. They’ve got as much right to live in Palestine as the Jews. We seem to forget that.


Its a double war crime, targeting civilians and human shields.


You are speaking of events that happen right after the Holocaust. Half of the British Mandate on the Jewish Homeland was given away to Jordan. Churchill prohibits the immigration of Jews to the Holy Land. Mr. Folke Bernadotte plans to give away Jerusalem to the arabs.

If you put yourself on their shoes and see the world against you still, will you allow the long overdue Mandate, that was promise to your people politically by a colonial super power, vanished or taken away from your people without giving a fight? I doubt it if you will cower away.

Now in the case of arabs in Israel they have Jordan on the onset.


None of us, no matter where our earthly alliances lie, should rationalize acts of war with divine justification.

War is yet another way of man casting the order God created back into chaos.

When it comes to war, prayers should be offered for peace of all concerned, and not just victory for one faction over another.


Those are certainly two reliable sources: Wikipedia and a website called “”


True, and anyway, two wrongs still don’t make a right. Unless the point is, “The Israelis have done bad things, so it’s OK for the Palestinians to do bad things,” I’m not sure how the quoted information relates to the subject of the thread, which isn’t “Israel is perfect” but “Hamas seems to have done something very bad, very recently.”



I read that at the end of British governing, the Jews who lived there desired to share the land, but it was the Arabs who wanted it all for themselves.

I have to find the source…but took a client out to a Jewish center for lunch. And some were sharing how th Muslim/Arab population grew immensely because of mass migration after the British left to build up their presence and power.

And likewise, when the Jews returned to the Holy Land, they developed the land. Those who lived in Gaza had horticultural green houses, etc., and these could be used by the Arabs living there for their own livelihood, but they destroyed them.

I some how sense some times this is this all goes back to Cain vs Abel…the madness and self-destructiveness of some of those people there that has no resolution.


Just a question … have you found something that is factually inaccurate in these articles or is there something else on Wikipedia you have a problem with?

I just won’t comment on anything called, but as a starting place wikipedia isn’t all that terrible of a place to start. The wild west days of the website are over and there are people checking pages constantly for inaccuracies, so if there were some big errors then I think it would’ve been picked up on by now.



No, actually the articles seemed accurate, as far as I know… I use Wikipedia a lot, but it sometimes has inaccuracies. I just thought “” doesn’t sound like a site on which I would go to get my news!


How do we know the Hamas document is authentic and not some propaganda tool of th IDF to justify Israel’s actions ?

I’m not saying it isn’t authentic, but the first thing to die in war is truth.



When someone talks like that about killing me, I believe them.


Yes and when Palestinians opposed the creation of the Jewish State of Israel and Jewish militia groups had already killed them and British troops before 1948, I’m sure they knew what was coming when the state was declared.



I think you and I have butted heads on this before, but what the heck…

It’s really quite difficult to determine who started the atrocities. Were there militant Zionist extremists in the very early 20th century? Sure, but they were as typical of the Jewish population then as violent skinheads are in the American population today…not very.

Jewish people flooded Palestine after WWII not because of some nefarious Zionist plot, but because they’d lost everything, homes, life savings and usually most of their families to the Holocaust (including the much less well known USSR oppression of Jews). By far the vast majority of Jewish refugees that fled to Palestine did so because the only thing they had left in all the world was their identity as Jews. And so they fell back on that as the last and only thing they could trust. And the only place in the world where Jewish refugees were allowed to (or at least ineffectively banned from) band together and immigrate was Palestine. The USA wasn’t taking many. No Jew with better than single digit IQ wanted to resettle in continental Europe - can you blame them? There was one place on Earth in which there was an organized welcoming committee that WANTED them, and would house, feed and provide them with a hope for a future. The Jewish Agency in Palestine.

The problem was that the Palestinians there were principally lead by a fellow named Haj Amin Al Husseini (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) who reacted to Jewish immigration about like an old time KKK boss would react to a boatload of Haitians landing on his beach: berserk. He was an ideological ally of Hitler during WWII and got himself thrown out of Palestine by the Brits during the war. After the war (for some reason), they let him return and he did his absolute level best to whip the local population into xenophobic and homicidal rages against the immigrants. Look him up, he and Hitler were on the same page as far as Jews go. History little remembers him today, but his nephew (Yasser Arafat) carried on the family tradition for a long time.

So while it’s true to point out the atrocities committed by Zionist terror groups like Irgun and Stern Gang, it’s not fair to characterize the leadership or the population of the nascent nation of Israel of that day with the same brush. It would be about as fair as taking a couple news items about murders committed in America recently by illegal immigrants and saying that it is evidence of the murderous character of South American immigrants. That’s not reason, it’s bigotry.

It also defies all sense of reason and sanity to suppose that pre-Israel Zionists went about a plot of terror and murder to achieve their nation. By any and all military sense, Israel should have been utterly crushed the very day it became a nation. They had every incentive in the world to try to avoid provoking their Palestinian neighbors back then when it was literally illegal for a Jew to even own a gun and every Arab nation in the region had an army parked on the border ready for the Brits to pull out and open season on Jews to be declared. The Jewish Agency only managed to acquire and sneak in a pitifully small amount of (ironically) German leftover WWII arms and one squadron of ME109 fighter planes. The fact that they prevailed and won that first conflict almost defies rational military explanation. Provocation of Palestinians with violence before that date would have been tantamount to a suicidal death wish.

All that said, you DO have to wonder how Hamas could be dumb enough to put something like this down in book form. I don’t blame those who find it too outrageous to be true.


It’s not unreasonable to believe it, pending whatever is going to be done to verify its authenticity, because the Hamas Charter is every bit as vicious and Hamas doesn’t even deny the authenticity of that. Hamas’ defenders excuse it, but nobody denies its authenticity.

And, too, we’re seeing right now what the whole progeny of the Muslim Brotherhood are like. While in power in Egypt, they killed Christians. In Syria and Iraq they’re killing Christians. There is no reason to think their intentions toward Jews are any better, or ever were.



I think you and I have butted heads on this before, but what the heck…

It’s really quite difficult to determine who started the atrocities.

Well take a look at the attacks by the Jewish terrorist group Irgun, prior to 1948.

You tell me if you’d trust the Zionist proposal to the UN to form a Jewish State on the land your family lived on for generations ?

Fact is, the British sided with the indigenous population that a secular state would be formed with a representative form of Government. The Zionist opposed this and attacked and killed British diplomats and military prior to 1948, including bombing of the King David Hotel. They also attacked and killed against Palestinian villages which fell on the boundary lines the Zionist had drawn.

That being said, lets understand one thing. The Jewish leaders do not trust anyone other than their own. They have good reason, for as you know, Jews were persecuted throughout history, especially in Europe.

So, their thinking is that the only answer for Jews is to have a Jewish state under Jewish control looking out for their own interest, period.

I can’t blame them really, but then, shouldn’t the USA have it’s own self-interest first as well ?

The point here is having a correct understanding where all the hatred came from between Palestinians and Israel and not have the US as the pawn giving Israel blind support.



I’m familiar with the Irgun, the King David bombing and the Deir Yassin massacre. None of which are shining examples of the moral character of Jewish immigrants to Palestine. But my point is that Irgun and Stern Gang were nutjob renegade fringe groups not representative of the character of those leading the actual Jewish Agency that eventually became the government of Israel.

Your assertion here is a bit like saying that the Irish are not worthy of nationhood because of the atrocities of the worst members of the IRA. There’s rather a bit more to the story!

Jews and Arabs lived side by side in Palestine in peace for centuries. What changed in the early 1900’s was an increasing tide of Jewish immigrants from Europe. The violent Zionists were a tiny fringe minority that Haj Amin and his followers seized upon to stoke the fires of xenophobia and hatred. And Haj Amin was peddling his hate decades before the King David Hotel bombing.


Since there was Arab hostility toward Jews prior to 1948, one has to consider the possibility that Palestinian hatred for Jews is actually similar in its source to ISIS hatred of Christians, Yasidis and Shiites; that is, cultural hatred by Islamic fundamentalists who cannot tolerate the presence of anyone else on land that was ever under Islamic control.


Menachem Begin and Moshe Dayan were not representative of the Zionist terrorist groups before the State of Israel was established ?

You’re really grasping for straws here.

The Zionists leadership were the one’s who drew up the boundaries for the State of Israel, which the UN resolution agreed to. Those boundaries were quickly moved out to the Golan Heights.



Not even close.

Palestinians inside what is now Israel, Jews, Christians and Muslims, lived peacefully together before the state of Israel was established.

In fact, many of the Jews who oppose the government policies by the government of Israel are native born Jews who were their prior to the European influx which created the current Jewish State.


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