Israel faces court action over secret food bans

Israel faces court action over secret food bans

[quote=]"Cinnamon is allowed into Gaza; coriander is banned," she said.

"Fruit jams, fruit preserves are banned but fresh fruit is allowed. Why coriander is somehow dangerous to Israeli security and cinnamon is somehow safer I don't know.

"They've said they can't explain it because to explain it would harm national security."

If only Israel could tell us what Hamas is doing with that coriander...

The reality is that this list is completely arbitrary and solely designed to impose further hardship on the general population of Gaza. Israel makes the outlandish claim that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza even as 80% of Gazans rely on UN food aid due to the IDF's wanton destruction of civilian industry and blockade. They allow some food to be made available for purchase but they also make sure the vast majority can't afford to buy it.

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