Israel government 'tortures' Palestinian children by keeping them in cages, human rights group says

*An Israeli human rights organisation has accused the government of torturing Palestinian children after it emerged some were kept for months in outdoor cages during winter.

The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI) published a report which said children suspected of minor crimes were subjected to “public caging”, threats and acts of sexual violence and military trials without representation.

It came as the government’s Public Petitions Committee held a hearing to discuss the issue, which the PCATI said must be addressed with a change to the law.

The country’s Public Defender’s Office (PDO) recently released details of one particularly shocking visit by its lawyers to a detention facility.

“During our visit, held during a fierce storm that hit the state, attorneys met detainees who described to them a shocking picture: in the middle of the night dozens of detainees were transferred to the external iron cages built outside the IPS transition facility in Ramla,” the PDO wrote on its website.

“It turns out that this procedure, under which prisoners waited outside in cages, lasted for several months, and was verified by other officials.”*

If these disgusting claims are true it will surely strengthen the cause for an economic boycott of the Israeli State…

Beware of such anti-Israeli propaganda.
Believe me, if such a situation really existed, the Israeli newspapers-which are very much like our own- would have screaming headlines against the sitting government.
Never forget that Israeli politics is based on the National Sport of all Eastern European Countries, which is the family fight. The Israeli Press lives to provoke such fights. It sells newspapers.
So, if such incidents are not reported in their indigenous papers, treat them with a grain of salt. Such reports usually come from either Arab or politically far left sources.

Tzipi Livni isn’t exactly rushing to deny these clams of barbarism…

If she denied every contrived claim of Israeli barbarism, she wouldn’t even have time to go to the bathroom.

If one reads the article, the “central story” is actually a compendium of several individual assertions pasted together as if they constituted a homogenous whole. But it doesn’t actually come out and say it, it just suggests it. It reminds one of the pasting together of anecdotal complaints about, say, U.S. prisons, as if the pieces add up to a consistent whole. Maybe they do and maybe they don’t, but one has to realize bits and pieces of stories, particularly those that are third or fourth hand hearsay, are not sufficient foundational material to characterize a whole system.

And Israeli children die and lose limbs to Gazan rocketry every year.

War is a nasty business, but until BOTH sides choose to give it up, peace cannot be made.


Oh the whole system does a fine job of slamming itself in the gutter by its oppression of Palestinian Christians and Muslims. Coralling them in tiny pieces of land, controlling their movements, denying them the right to full medical facilities, robbing them of their lands and redistributing them to extreme Zionists.

This particular story is very clear in its accusations and Tzipi, a so called Liberal, as Minister for Justice cannot deny the claim and is currently fattening up a scapegoats to hang the blame on…


CAF is not the place to fight the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.

This thread has started on the wrong foot. If the charity level does not improve it will be closed.

Honestly, both sides in this never-ending undeclared war have committed serious atrocities. The Israelis insist on building settlements inside land that is supposed to be ruled by the Palestinian authority (though, to be fair, the places where they wish to build settlements are important sites in Jewish history - Bethlehem, Hebron, etc.). The Palestinian government refuses to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. And caught in the middle are Palestinan Christians, who actually have more rights under the Islamist rule of Palestine than under the ultra-Orthodox Jewish rule of Israel. But, the Palestinian Christians get targeted for persecution by both the State of Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

There really are too many sticking points for an easy peace process - but the current situation isn’t working, either.

How very strange then that Israeli Arabs live better than all other Arabs on earth other than those in the oil states.

Tiny pieces of land. How about this Palestinian’s tiny piece? I’ll grant, he only has seventy acres, but there isn’t a whole lot of land in the whole place. But I expect he’s comfortable even so.

You do know that almost no Israelis own land even in Israel, do you not? It’s like Hawaii. Almost everybody who “owns” real estate is actually just renting it. Try to get clear title to a piece of land in Hawaii and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Not surprising, given how square-mileage challenged both Israel and Hawaii are.

The Kibbutz system was evolved specifically to adapt to the scarcity of land in Israel.

But even in good-old NA, a case could be made that real property is rented from the civil state; try not paying taxes on it and see what happens.

First of all, ultra-Orthodox Jews are a minority in Israel. Secular Jews are in the majority and run the place.

Where do you get this? Where is the mass exodus of Christians out of Israel? It doesn’t exist. From what Arab Muslim countries are Christians leaving? Answer: All of them. Some West Bank towns like Nablus used to be majority Christian. Now they’re not.
There are Christians in high office in Israel. Christians are even exempt from the military draft, while Jews, Druse and Circassians are not. How many Christians are in high office in Egypt? In Jordan? In Libya? In Saudi Arabia? In Yemen?

(I won’t say it’s safer to be a Christian in Israel than to be a Jew in France.)

Is antisemitism still an issue in hyper-secularized France?

Very sad, if so.

Seriously, if Christians have it so much better in the Palestinian sector than in Israel, where are the crowds of Christians returning to Bethlehem?


When were you last in Gaza…?

Palestinian Christian Arabs live in horrific conditions where their right to movement, work, access to healthcare is heavily restricted. They see Russian immigrants farming their land and are often targeted for rough house treatment by the IDF in the form of their cars being confiscated or their house being ransacked.

PS Ridgerunner:

“Mass exodus out of Israel”

GREAT pun, even if unintentional!


This is true. Israel saves its oppression for Arab, Palestinian Christians…

As Europe becomes more and more Islamisized, we can expect more and more of these stories coming from the European press.

Oh please…:smiley:

Yes I live in constant terror of the market traders around this part of London, who knows when one of them will leap across the stall shouting ‘Allah Akbar, potatoes only 50p a kilo’ whilst brandishing a scimitar. Indeed the red dhows sailing in on the tide at the London docks bearing Janissaries and harem girls are becoming a positive nuisance.

I didn’t realize that things had gotten that bad. That is your testimony though, and not mine.

As for myself, after I saw a BBC report on an event happening in a skirmish between Palestinian terrorists and the Israeli army, and the vitriol and excess that the journlaists skewed her report with, I tend to take everything from those kind of news sources with a grain of salt.

Stories like these would need some more outside verification before I would take them seriously.

What do you have against Israel?

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