Israel In Prophecy?


Hi everyone. I have a couple of questions about Israel in prophecy.

*]Do Catholics believe that the reestablishment of Israel as a nation in 1948?
*]Do Catholics believe that Jesus will return when some sort of enemy alliance tries to attack and destroy modern Israel?[/LIST]Thanks for your time!


I need more info before I can answer this question.

As far as I know, there are no Church teachings concerning that. Generally, Catholics don’t get all wound up in the “end times” stuff. We trust God and simply don’t worry about it. When God says it’s time, it’s time and we do not attempt to place conditions on when God will do something. God bless.


I would highly recommend you the webpage of my friend. This is the address:
The man who made it is a very devout and knowlegable Catholic who got his degree at Steubenville.

One thing is certain. Catholics DO anticipate the second coming of Christ just like everyone else. There is as much prophesying and speculation going on in our own ranks as in the other churches.
But we cannot capture the plan of God so we have to watch what He is doing.
The Old and New testament are full of prophesies about the Jewish people… how God will gather them once again from all corners of the world and how, when the Gospels have been spread out to the ends of the gentile world “all of Israel will be saved”… I am sure, since God is a God in History, that He has indeed made Israel as a nation possible in this day and age… after the holocaust which certain people call “messiah birth pangs” (its known in salvation history that great pain goes right before wonderful things happen) … God never ever forgets a covenant people… the Church knows this and must not forget it. He has bethrothed Israel to Him first.
I also recommend you, if you havent read this book do it. Roy Schoeman: “Salvation is from the Jews”. Roy is a Jewish Catholic and his book is so good and full of wisdom and knowlege.

Grace <><


I assume that you are asking if this is a sign of the end times, right?

One very good source that I have here to hand is San Juan Catholic Seminars Beginning Apologetics # 8 The End Times.
A great investment of $6.00.

I don’t believe there is a dogmatic statement from the church about this. This is generally something that is most often found among fundamentalists and particularly those who believe and preach the rapture. :shrug:

[LIST=1]*]Do Catholics believe that Jesus will return when some sort of enemy alliance tries to attack and destroy modern Israel?[/LIST]Thanks for your time!

Again, this is from that same n-C groups.

You are, of course, speaking of what is known in the Bible as Armageddon. So far as I know there is no reason to think that the Catholic Church teaches anything contrary to this.

Does the Catholic Church attempt to tell us when this battle will occur? No, it does not, and no one else can (or even should attempt to) give you a set time when it will occur.

More important than these things is how we live moment by moment in Christ. How we deal with those in our lives. Do we show them all the image of Our Lord Jesus Christ living within us?

With regard to “the last things” I might point out Matthew 25:31-46 as more definitive and actually more relevant.
Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.


Wow!, I’ve never seen this site before, thanks! And I didn’t need to get my credit card out either. From what I’ve read on the site so far, the information there is totally relevant to Hollys questions.

Catholics for Israel-sounds good to me!!!


Halleluja brother Lev…
I am so happy you like it… ! :slight_smile:
I know the person who made this site… oh and its not just his intellect that is working and his apologetic skills but also his heart… he is among some really good people I met in Israel where he lives and serves the Lord in numerous ways… being a young man who actually has learned to speak hebrew he is also doing an important and humble ministry among the Jews. He is a retrovert to the Catholic Church (since 7 years or something) and he is really planted on the rock… In my eyes he has great potential.
The page is quite new still… I am sure he would love some feed back on it. please pass it on to people who might also be interested :slight_smile:
Praised be Yeshua our Messiah.


Oops, 1. is meant to say “Do Catholics believe that the reestablishment of Israel as a nation in 1948 fulfilled Biblical prophecy?” Sorry about that. I was tired and made a stupid typo.


Definitively, no, although, it seems to suggest that we are beginning the “times of the Gentiles”, as the prophecy in Luke says. But the first “times of the Gentiles” is not the very end of the world, but the FULLNESS of the Gentiles, that is, it heralds the time when the full number of Gentiles shall come into the Church.

In Catholic Prophecy, it seems that we are the verge of this. What remains in Church history, according to the best estimates of fully approved private revelation, is a conditional Minor Chastisement, that shall lead to the near total reunion of Christians (which is a sort of type of the return of the Jews from the foreign lands to their home, that is, the return of the various foreign spiritual kingdoms to their home, the Catholic Church), which, as Christians become “one”, so Jesus’ prayer that the world is “able to believe” is fulfilled, meaning the near totality of the Gentiles shall enter the Church, a glorious age of peace, the true “Millennium”.

But as for the full conversion of the Jews, we know that must wait until the great apostasy. Hence, even after the Gentiles are gloriously restored to the Spiritual Promised Land, the Catholic Church, in fulfillment of the restoration of the Jews to the Home land after the exile in the OT, the Jews will fail to recognize the Gentiles fullfilling of their history. THey will stand outside the house of the father and protest the celebration of the prodigal son’s return.

But when the third and final darkness of the Gentile history comes, the great apostasy and NT AC, the Jews will see that he is simply the fulfillment of the OT AC, Antiochus, and so as the Gentiles’ eyes are forever closed to the whole truth, they that had received only part of it, and for the three days had failed to find the fullness, shall rejoice when they are able to accept the whole of it, having seen their three great spiritual ages fulfilled by the New Covenant, at which point they finally find Jesus sitting in the Temple, the Church, and He shall respond, “Did you not know I must be about my Father’s business?”


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