Israel indicts Texas Christian for plot to attack Muslim sites in Jerusalem


Israel’s Ministry of Justice confirmed today that a court has indicted Adam Everett Livix for plotting to blow up Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

It said that Livix conspired with his roommate, an active soldier in the Israeli military, to obtain 1.4kg (3lb) of explosive material to use to blow up the unidentified Jerusalem holy sites. The ministry said the plot was discovered by a police agent in October.

It said that Livix was indicted on Monday and is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.


Thank goodness they caught him. That kind of thing would really escalate the violence.

You can’t fight evil and hate with more evil and hate.


I wouldn’t forget the rest of the article, he was indicted for conspiring with a member of the IDF. Israel Defense Force.

And Livix was already wanted on drug charges in the USA.

Livvix, who was already wanted in the U.S. on drug charges, traveled to the Middle East last year and lived in Bethlehem and Hebron, where he posed as a Navy SEAL. A Palestinian operative tried to enlist him in a scheme to assassinate President Obama, Shin Bet said, but he balked. However, he allegedly did begin planning attacks on holy sites in Jerusalem, using explosives obtained with the help of his roommate, an Israeli soldier.

Christian??? Makes me pause to think but the Guardian may know more or they just chose to word it that way.


From Reuters:

Israeli authorities said Livvix is a Christian and that he arrived in the region in 2013, living first in the Palestinian cities of Hebron and Bethlehem in the occupied West Bank and then residing illegally in Israel.


Non-Christians and secularists tend to not distinguish between Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and/or Fundamentalist Christians. We are all lumped into the same group.

(kind of like how many lump all Muslims into one group too).

Any so called “Christian” who wants to blow up religious shrines, pilgrim sites, etc. of another religion or sect is a radical fundamentalist and terrorist.


Can you imagine if the plot had not been discovered?! :eek:

I wonder how these 2 knew each other and why they are labeling one a Christian. Is he really a Christian or trying to cast blame on Christians?


I wonder if he was a part of the premillennial dispensationalist types that actively support conflict in the Middle East to bring on the end times.


Could be! :shrug:


The human mind is a compilation of influences. Clearly he learned this behavior somewhere…


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