Israel is pushing Trump to recognize annexation of Western Sahara

The problem is on both sides of this argument people do not want to hear any moderate voices. If you are going to call Israel a ‘terrorist state’ or an ‘apartheid one’ obviously it puts people’s backs up straight away. Citing if for particular injustices and issues, yep, no problem there. Those exist. But the fact Israel is surrounded by a bunch of nations which loathe it is been overlooked. What do you expect the Israelis to do? All wander back to the ghettoes of Europe and re-erect those?


If Israel would like to stop surrounding nations from loathing it, they could start by ending confiscations and working on a plan to abide by the UN resolutions. If they were worried about animosity, why would they continue provoking everyone? Israel is extremely unpopular in most of the world.

Note: the chart was made before Israel resolved that it was a state “for the Jewish people” in 2018 (I think it was that year).

What is “moderation” when it comes to international law? A nation keeps the law, or it breaks the law. When the law broken leads to great suffering, as it does in the West Bank and Western Sahara, then it is time for the UN and people of the world to get those occupying nations to reverse course.

What lands had Israel confiscated in 1948?
In 1957?
How about prior to the 6 Day War?

The PA considers “occupied lands” all land from the Jordan to the Mediterranean. That’s the land they believe was confiscated.

I think it is best that you spend some time reading Wikipedia or some other reliable sources, you can find most of the answers there.

God Bless.

Oh, I think I know the answers just fine, thank you.

His blessing also with you.

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