Israel, jihadists seeking to ignite civil war in Lebanon :Ibrahim


“It is no secret to anyone that their [Israelis and takfiris] relationship is overt and implicit.”
He reiterated that Israel and “takfiri” terrorism still posed the most dangerous threat to Lebanon, adding that confronting them was possible if Lebanon freed itself from the “agendas that make some people depend on them directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally."

                                                This comes from a Major General in the Lebanese army and not a member of Hezbollah.


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Some Lebanese non-Hezbollah in high places are allies of Hezbollah and, therefore, Iran. Al Nusra claims this man, Abbas Ibrahim, is, and they might be correct in saying it, notwithstanding that virtually everything that comes out the Middle East is a lie.

“Takfiri” (apostate, unbeliever) is a term applied by Hezbollah to groups like Al Nusra and ISIS. Undoubtedly Ibrahim is correct in saying these particular “Takfiri” are a threat to Lebanon generally (and to Hezbollah in particular). But to say that Israel has allied itself to Al Nusra and ISIS is preposterous.

It’s true that Sunni Islamists in the Middle East hate Iran (therefore its allies as well) even more than they hate Israel. But they still hate Israel.

Having said that, the Iran/Sunni war keeps a number of Israel’s potential attackers busy with each other for now, until one of them wins decisively. So Israel can’t hate their battle too much. But sooner or later the issue will be decided, and likely in Iran’s favor unless Turkey or Egypt decide to give the Sunni a hand.


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