Israel Kills Dozens at Gaza Border as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem

Wouldn’t this scripture be in favour of a greater Israel and for all ‘foreigners’ who want to be part of this greater Israel to forsake their own tribe and to join Jewish ones?

Yes, the ancient kingdom of the twelve tribes is more or less what the founders of modern Israel as saying the Greater Israel. This area include Lebanon, Southern Syria and Jordan an probably some part of Saudi Arabia.

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Interesting, considering that the founders of the modern state of Israel were largely secular communists and not religious at all. I doubt they viewed themselves as recreating the ancient Davidic theocratic monarchy, and certainly were opposed to that.

Brain-dead Christian Zionists, cynically courted by the secular Israeli government, support violent expansionism because supposedly Jesus will come back once the ancient Kingdom is restored. So an artificial apocalypse is being created, nations destabilized and lives destroyed. And since all Muslim self-defense is “terrorism” and all criticism of Israel is “antisemitism”, there can be no meaningful discussion or resolution to a problem that is the least complicated in the region.


One can just as easily make the argument for the restoration of the Caliphate using old maps of ancient jurisdictions. I don’t recommend that, either.

This whole conflict is just stupid.

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Here is a Palestinian view of the background and history relevant to the current news.


The media hate Israel. There’s more to this than the IDF just deciding, “Hey guys, not much going on today, let’s go an murder some innocent Palestinians.”

Remember that Israel is literally surrounded by hostile states who have repeatedly stated that all they want is the destruction of the Israeli state.

Also, imagine the state of the Middle East if Israel didn’t exist.

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All we know, is that it will be a very long time before Jerusalem will be the “City of Peace”, which is one of the names of the city when looking into etymology.

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May God be merciful to those who have died , and may His perpetual light shine upon them .

May the Prince of Peace grant peace to His troubled homeland .


Egypt and Jordan have peace treaties with Israel.

Iran has interviened in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria to protect both Christians and Muslims from Israeli aggression, as well as to fight Saudi and, ironically and tragically, US backed Sunni insurgents.

Israel could have peace if they and the US and Saudi Arabia wanted it. They don’t.

Lord, have mercy.


Exactly the same?

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My understanding is that any Christian Zionist wanting an Israeli war to expand to its ancient borders for the return of Jesus is a side show and not part of serious discussion.

Pretty much. If the Arab states didn’t have Israel to hate, they would be hating each other.

D (Middle East analyst for 8 years)

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I’m more familiar with this verse which seems to be a future prophecy and a warning to the nations against dividing the land of Israel:

Joel 3:2
For behold, in those days and at that time, when I restore the fortunes of Judah and Jerusalem, I will gather all the nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat. And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have scattered them among the nations and have divided up my land.

They are already hating each other, I think.

Hating is the norm for them.

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They had 95% of everything they wanted back in 1995, but the PLO decided to say no to everything because the leadership of PLO knew if they took the deal they would lose their scapegoat (Israel).

It’s really amazing how these “leaders” are able to convince people to do these things and even be a sucide bomber without having to do these things themselves.

I wonder if the motivation of Christian Zionists is that simple or uniform. Perhaps it is, perhaps not. With regard to Israel’s not wanting peace, I believe they do want peace but WITH security, that is, the understanding by the Arab leaders that they have the right to exist rather than be annihilated by the Arab nations. Given that many leaders among these nations have proven they would like nothing more than to eliminate Israel once and for all, I can understand Israel’s concerns. This does not necessarily mean I agree with all the tactics employed by the Israeli government or the settlers, nor with the US embassy move to Jerusalem.

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Why bring LGBTQIA activists into the discussion? Apples and oranges, in my view.

These people live in an area of the world where everybody has been fighting with and killing everybody else for thousands of years. It’s hard to get past that mindset when you grew up watching your mom take a semi-automatic weapon out in the backyard with her when she was hanging out the wash.

Whether or not the violent protests were pre-meditated and organised without care for life, shooting live rounds at people throwing petrol bombs and rocks is an extreme reaction. Rocks and petrol bombs do not represent a credible threat to the lives of a well equipped military force, particularly if those throwing them are several hundred yards away.

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