Israel minister joins rabbis in opposing Tel Aviv Gay Pride

Israel’s interior minister and chief rabbis called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday to call off Tel Aviv’s annual gay parade to keep the “abomination” away from children’s eyes.

We urge you to restrict the event to a closed area to which entry will be limited to people above the age of 18," said the letter, addressed to Netanyahu, Tel Aviv’s mayor and Israel’s police chief.

Police were also urged to make sure that all those taking part in the event “are dressed and not in possession of objects and toys which have sexual connotations”.

is there nowhere on the planet this perversion hasnt spread to?

I haven’t seen the Iranian gay pride march yet, or the Saudi Arabian…then again, I don’t pay too careful attention to the news…

As the article mentions, the Tel Aviv gay pride celebration is an annual event which has taken place for the past 9 years. It is well accepted…

The article also mentions that the Israeli minister who objected to the Tel Aviv event belongs to ultra-Orthodox Shas party. I think it is key to note that.

True the Muslim world cracks down HARD on homosexuals as do many communist nations.

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