Israel monastery firebombed in suspected hate crime

Unknown assailants threw a Molotov cocktail at a Roman Catholic monastery in Israel and scrawled racist graffiti on its walls, a police spokeswoman said Wednesday, in a suspected hate crime.

“A Molotov cocktail was thrown at the wall of the Beit Jamal monastery, near Beit Shemesh,” in central Israel, Luba Samri said in a statement, adding that “it caught fire.”

“Hebrew graffiti was also scrawled on the monastery walls, reading ‘Gentiles perish’ and ‘revenge,’” she added.

An unfortunate trend I wasn’t aware of.

I pray for peace in the Middle East every day.

Unfortunately, it is not an isolated incident. The reuters article below speaks to an ongoing problem:

While it notes that the state has expressed concerned over such attacks, state legislation seems to be creating increasing challenges for Christians in the area as noted in the article linked below and entitled:
West Bank convent loses appeal over Israeli separation barrier route:
Catholic group criticises ruling after seven-year legal battle over barrier that will separate Cremisan nuns from most of their land

May the peace of Our Lord fill the hearts of all of His people. Amen.

Ummm… “suspected”?

How is this **not **a hate crime, media? :rolleyes:

**Having been in the Holy Land last Nov. I know for a fact that what American’s are feed through the popular media and the reality of the situation there - are not the same. My family had me ducking bombs in Jeruselam when that was NOT the truth.

I know this is off OP - does anyone know of a reliable internet source to be informed about what really is going on with Christians in the Holy Land and Middle East.**

Are you trying to say that the **facts **coming here from the middle east about acts of terror should be doubted?

**What I am saying is that when I was visiting the middle east last year the information being fed in America and the reality of the situation were not the same.

I am asking for a honest internet site that I can be informed about what is happening. I have a couple of friends there that keep me informed via email - I would like a trusted media source for my personal information.**

Not sure how you can say the story I posted is “off” based on your personal experience. Unless you were at the seminary Monday night and saw something contrary to what was reported.:shrug:

I think the poster was meaning they were “off topic” as the question the poster had was about getting a reliable news source from Jerusalem or Middle East.

One should not forget that the ultra-Orthodox Jewish who are often involved in these sort of activities are often a problem for the general Jewish population themselves and are prone to chucking rocks at cars driven by other Jews on the Sabbath or harassing women they feel are improperly dressed. Harassment of both Catholic and Orthodox clergy occurs on a regular basis in some places. Also the Palestinian populace includes about 10 percent Christians who face numerous difficulties, true these do not rise to the levels of sheer barbarism we see at present in Egypt but levels of oppression have varied and have included persecution from both Israeli sources at times and from fellow Palestinians who are Muslims at times as well. It should be noted that the Latin Patriach and the Orthodox Archbishop amongst other Christian leaders signed a document condemning the Israeli occupation only a few years ago

**I apologize for the misunderstanding. When I talked about being off the OP - I was referring to my question for ongoing reliable news was off the original topic…not the information you shared.

I have been looking for an source of accurate information as it refers to everything in the Middle East. My post was not a reflection on your post - it was a question I have had to seek accurate news. I used the example of when I visited the Middle East last year as a point that much of the news we are fed in America about what is going on is not accurate.**

Thank you - this is what I meant.

Thanks to you and jmjconder for clarifying.

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