Israel: No promised land for Ethiopian Jews



**Thanks for the article. It is time for our country to cease funding this racism. **


This is interesting. I never heard about this bit:

Indeed, the initial authorisation of the sizable migration may have come as a surprise to those acquainted with the Israeli medical tradition of forcibly administering contraceptive drugs to Ethiopian women, one by-product of which has been, obviously, to limit the size of the population in question. - See more at:

The link in the article goes here:

Israel’s treatment of Ethiopians ‘racist’

This is creepy. Reminds me of Children of Men:

Women’s groups were alerted to the widespread use of Depo Provera in the Ethiopian community in 2008 when Rachel Mangoli, who runs a day care centre for 120 Ethiopian children in Bnei Braq, a suburb of Tel Aviv, observed that she had received only one new child in the previous three years. “I started to think about how strange the situation was after I had to send back donated baby clothes because there was no one in the community to give them to,” she said.


Interesting that this otherwise anti-Israeli article mentioned that one of the Ethiopian Jews is a member of the Israeli parliament. The reference was negative, but it did disclose that fact.

So, threading through the article, it appears that Israel actively encouraged Ethiopian jews to move to Israel, helped them do it, and during a time that was very difficult for them. It appears those Jews get preferential treatment in some things.

On the other hand, it appears the government has promoted (perhaps even required?) birth control among those Ethiopian Jews. As a Catholic, I can’t condone it, and don’t, any more than I condone the promotion of abortion in the U.S. But Israel is a very secular society composed mainly of secular Jews whose religion doesn’t even prohibit birth control. One assumes they think they’re dealing with a social problem in doing that, though we don’t quite know what the purpose is.

If they have made birth control compulsory, it’s contrary to my religious beliefs and if I was an Israeli I would be politically opposed to it and to those who have mandated it.

But then, my country has done nothing at all to extricate Ethiopian Jews (or Syrian Christians, for that matter) from the murderous intent of religious fanatics who hate them. Israel has done that with these Ethiopian Jews, and we can’t lose sight of that.


Surely the Abu Dhabi press must have published articles about the frightful naughtiness of Israel more recently than this six year old story?


The article in the original post is from Sunday. The article I linked is an older one.


My apologies, I don’t follow odd looking links so I took the link as being to the Abu Dhabi article.


This virulent, hardcore racism is pure evil. Period.


Looking at the article again, it isn’t clearly saying Ethiopian Jews are forced to use contraceptives. What it seems to be saying is that Israeli health officials give them a three-month shot of Depo-Provera instead of oral contraceptives one has to take every day. It seems to suggest that the women are actually doing it voluntarily except that the objection is to the particular method, not to giving them contraceptives at all.

It might be “racist” to imagine that people from as primitive a place as Ethiopia might not reliably take the pill as better educated native Israelis, but it might be a recognition of a fact. Dep-Povera shots are given in this country to women who are mentally challenged instead of oral contraceptives, because they can’t be relied on to stick to an oral contraceptive regimen.

It’s hard to thread through all the anti-Israeli stuff, but it now seems to me that’s what’s really going on.

And not using donated Ethiopian blood might simply be to avoid transmission of bloodborne pathogens. I remember once when I went to give blood, they asked me if I worked with cattle. I replied that I do. They asked if I have ever accidently stuck myself with a vaccination needle doing it. I said I sometimes did. (hard to avoid. They aren’t exactly willing patients)

They wouldn’t take my blood and sent me on my way because some cattle-borne pathogens can affect humans.

This is beginning to look more and more like a garden-variety Israel “hit piece”.


No, I don’t think that minimal and scanty coverage of the widespread master-race ideology seen throughout Israeli society and Israeli government is a “hit piece.” In fact, the idea is absurd. See the thread on Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi to more fully understand what I mean. Everyone in the world has an interest in the Holy Land, so there is absolutely no reason whatsoever why Israel’s racial politics shouldn’t be in the news. So too, quite obviously, migrants and identity politics are the issues of the twenty-first century. So, really, the abysmal lack of coverage regarding this in Israel is shameful and disgraceful, and is also very, very telling.

This is a related article that was published today: Ethiopian aliyah to restart in June


I do get the impression that it tends to be assumed that, whatever the topic, Israel is uniquely naughty.


Or sometimes the opposite seems to be assumed.


Oh, I’m sure there are ‘usual suspects’ on both sides.


So you are proposing that the United States should quit funding the Palestinians ? I know they do not allow Ethiopian Jews to move into areas they govern, but this is not based on race-they don’t allow any Jews to move into areas they govern


How about both sides pay their own way.


The money we give them is a treaty obligation resulting from the Camp David Accords between the US, Israel, and Egypt. As part of the agreement, we also give $1.3B in military and economic aid to Egypt every year. Are you advocating that we abrogate our treaty obligation to Israel? I’m fairly certain Israel could get by without the aid without too much concern, but what about Egypt? Given that there hasn’t been a major war between Israel and Egypt or any other Middle East country since the Accords were signed, I would argue that the $2.6B we spend every year is money well spent.


The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.


While a very profound statement, it doesn’t give me reason to believe you’ve thought through the implications of the US abrogating a treaty to two allies in an important region of the world.


Or it could mean that I am libertarian who believes that people should solve their own problems. This applies to countries as well.


I thought libertarians believed that one of the very few roles government should be involved in is contract enforcement. What is a treaty but a contract between nations?

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