ISRAEL - PALESTINE - Gaza war, the death toll grows; 150 Palestinians imprisoned and stripped naked [AN]

The Palestinian death toll rises to 718; 32 Israeli soldiers and three civilians killed. Among these there is also a Thai migrant who worked in a garden centre near the Strip. Palestinians stripped naked because they were suspected of “terrorism”. Uproar over unnecessary humiliation. Khaled Meshaal rejects any cease-fire. UN denounces use of schools in Gaza as a weapons depots. Ban on flights to and from Tel Aviv lifted, but the air traffic yet to return to normal.


Whatever happened to the days when soldiers faced each other like real men? Now we have ‘progressed’ to a point where they seem to be either hiding behind women’s skirts or blowing up kids from behind protective gear. It’s a shame that cries out to heaven. I think the Prophet Amos had something to say to about God’s judgment on that kind of war strategy.

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