ISRAEL - PALESTINE - Israeli Soldiers ready to demolish Palestinian attackers' homes [AN]


Abd al-Rahman al-Shaludi’s house of in Silwan was demolished yesterday. The families of Ibrahim al-Akkari, Muhammad Jaabis and Mutaz Hijazi received their demolition notices. “Violence begets violence.” For B’Tselem, it is wrong to punish innocent people just because their relatives carried out acts of violence. Haaretz notes that the homes of Israeli terrorists remain intact. Selective justice is not justice - it is vengeance.



It is important to note that if the families of the 9/11 attackers lived in America, our great nation of laws would not have demolished the homes of their families. This would not happen in any nation that upholds an ethical base in their law.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to remember what it feels like to be angry and fearful, and yes, vengeful, so the reaction by the Israeli authorities is quite understandable in view of our human nature, as it is quite understandable that Palestinians will react violently when their land and homes are taken away and demolished by Israeli authorities.

Jesus calls us to break the cycle, to turn the cheek, to love our enemies, to forgive, to reconcile, to pray for our persecutors. This is the calling for the victims, and it is our calling for the observers.

The great words of JPII “If you want peace, work for justice” simply do not apply here. Both sides are suffering injustice. What is called for is what Jesus called for, reconciliation. Let us never forget that Jesus lived in a territory occupied by an oppressive regime, and His calls for forgiveness were rejected by many people. Do we join in the rejection, or do we follow the words of our Lord?

Join me in prayer for people of Israel and Palestine. :gopray:


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