Israel planning to build $5 billion artificial island off Gaza with seaport, airport and hotels


**Israel is planning to build a $5 billion island off the coast of Gaza, complete with an airport, seaport and hotels.

Israeli minister of intelligence and transportation Yisrael Katz said the project will alleviate economic hardship in the blockaded coastal strip and reconnect it with the rest of the world.

The plans call for an three square mile artificial island, linked to Gaza by a three-mile bridge. Mr Katz said the island would include a seaport, with potential plans for a future airport, a hotel and smaller port for yachts.

Israel would supervise security checks, but the island would otherwise be run by Palestinians and the international community.**

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While artificial islands are the in thing in that part of the world, and make a kind of sense in such a compressed geography; one wonders how the (enormous) cost would be amortized, and what would happen to it after the next round of conflict.



Just a thought.

"Israel planning to build $5 billion artificial island off Gaza with seaport, airport and hotels"

Israel apparently not too concerned about Global Warming with this new island they are spending BILLIONS upon.

Israel evidently DOESN’T think the Island is going to be UNDERWATER from global warming or anything else anytime soon.

(Just like China doesn’t believe it either.

Just like Vietnam doesn’t believe it as well.

Just like Al Gore doesn’t believe this either.

“the Gores actually bought the property last year through their Tennessee-based trust and did not use their own names.”

See LA Times article here if interested.[/INDENT]

I wonder if Pope Francis had people like Al Gore in mind when he taught this (emphasis mine) . . .

POPE FRANCIS - Caring for ecosystems demands far-sightedness, since **NO ONE looking for quick and easy profit is truly interested in their preservation. **

  • Pope Francis Laudato Si (36)

God bless.



Well,thats ok then. I think it will probably be underwritten by the US. Would it have been cheaper to invade Cyprus


The plan is for international donors to pay for it. The government of Israel would not.

[quote=Newsweek]If the project is to be realized, the billions of dollars required would come from international state sponsors and donors, with Israel not paying for the island in any way. Israeli authorities would permit international actors to enter the country’s waters to help construct the project.

Still, officials are considering how to ensure the country’s security at the port and airport due to fears of Palestinian militant group Hamas receiving illicit arms and funds.

The artificial island plan is just one of several proposals which were put forward by transport and intelligence minister Yisrael Katz,and his political allies, earlier this year. However, all proposals face significant political opposition, including from Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon

[quote=Ha’aretz]At least five proposals are on the table, including building a port in Egyptian territory in Sinai in the Al Arish area, construction of an artificial port opposite the Gaza shoreline, building it on the Gaza coast itself, and earmarking quays in Cyprus or Ashdod for Gaza-bound shipments.

However, these ideas are very much in the stage of “what if” planning:

[quote=Washington Post]Katz conceded that so far all that exists is a paper study and some drawings. Yet he talked about the project in grand terms, describing it as a way to both guarantee Israel’s security and award Gaza a portal to the world.

The Israelis have not spoken about the project with Hamas or the Palestinian Authority, which has nominal control of the strip.

Israel’s security cabinet has not formally endorsed this proposal and Netanyahu is declining comment.


I thought Israel had no jurisdiction over Gaza


The island is to be built in international waters, with a three-mile bridge connecting it to Gaza.

Palestinians will literally be driven into the sea.


No doubt. They will spin this as “helping” the Palestinians


It could help them, but strictly on Israeli terms.

No doubt, even though the “island” is operated by Palestinians, the causeway will be double-checkpointed by Israelis. The Gazans won’t be able to base an intifada there.


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