Israel plans new construction of West Bank settlements [CC]


Israel’s housing ministry has opened the way for new settlements in the Palestinian territories, the AsiaNews service reports. The announcement comes just before the prayer meeting in …



This is a slap in the face toward the Palestinians and certainly not good for Israel either with regard to ever achieving a lasting peace. I have always supported Israel’s right to exist and its right to defend itself against Palestinians’ targeting of civilians; but when Israel is wrong and foolish, I will not hesitate to point this out.


I really wish that Israel would stop doing this.


They won’t stop unless forced to, they’ve been doing it for years.


Quoting from the AsiaNews article:

Just a few days ago Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, meeting with some Israeli settlers said that although he was favorable to the settlements, there are " international boundaries" that inhibit their implementation.

Is the Netanyahu government responding to domestic political pressure? Surely he knows new settlements will inflame the situation, rather than curb the Palestinians new diplomatic endeavor.


Hundreds of thousands of Israelis live in the West Bank. There have always been Jews in the West Bank. Jews have to have secure places to live in the West Bank because it’s not safe to live there otherwise. So they form these secure settlements.

So, as between Jews being able to live in the West Bank or not being able to live there at all, which is the choice? Choosing the first automatically is an approval of secure settlements.

There is no good reason for the West Bank to become “Judenrein” as Gaza is now. There is no justification for it at all. But until the Arabs give up the idea of routing Jews from Palestine, the latter will need protective settlements.


Why? Even if the West Bank were to become a Palestinian State wouldn’t Jews be allowed to live there?


The presence of Jews at all in Palestine inflames those who don’t want Jews to be there. So how, exactly, are the Jews NOT going to inflame the Arabs?


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