Israel’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi: Gentiles Here To Serve the Jews


I do not, for a moment, doubt that Christians in the West Bank and Gaza are fearful. Some simply do support, or pretend to support, the P.A. or Hamas. Probably one has to at least pretend. But there are Christian terrorists too, allied with Fatah or Hamas.

And as Arabs living among Muslims, some of whom are terrorists, they no doubt have to fear the Israelis as well, whether they support the Arab terrorists or not.


In many countries we are seeing that the business elite, the political elite, even the charismatic religious leaders are half-Jews or quarter-Jews, if these people are skilfully combined, then whether we like it or not, we will have to agree with the rabbi.


There is no such thing as a half or quarter Jew, you are Jewish or you are not.


The only question is - what is the benefit of not-Jew by serving the Jew?:slight_smile:
For example in some countries I can be successful but under certain circumstances, I can not be very successful.
Just because certain people even of different faiths united by kinship, and they do not admit to themselves people of other nationalities.
Maybe I can open a pharmacy but a network of pharmacies.
I can open a small shop but not a supermarket.
Laboratories, pharmacy networks, supermarkets, can belong to the business elites of different denominations, but they all Jews by blood.
We are probably talking about the realities that prove the words of Rabbi, If you do not recognize it for granted, you will sooner or later recognize it.:slight_smile:
Rabbi can add- Do not you even realize that you can not compete with us?:smiley:
(In certain regions of the former Soviet Union, the Armenians, Chinese, Caucasians can compete with Jews)
But my question to the Rabbi is - what is the benefit of not-Jew by serving the Jew?
It is particularly interesting to ask this question in academic circles where due to clannishness and nepotism there is a regression of science, and discrimination against the representatives of the titular nation.


Considering there is a relatively small populace of Jews in the Ukraine or Russian Federation I have always been amused that this kind of talk about ‘world Jewry’ still does the rounds in both states. In that respect Russia and the Ukraine and actually very alike as I have heard this kind of talk in both places both in the real world and online.


I was just thinking
In any case, I’m just a peasant.:slight_smile:
and my mind is the peasant’s mind, so its not good to be jealous at those who are intelligent and go to great risks.:sad_yes:
but still the rabbi should begin with a comment on his theory and not with the formulation of the theory and then he should be able to answer the questions of the people of the titular nation working in research fields, in medicine, in pharmacy, in business.


What is a ‘peasant’s mind’? The term is so vague as to lack meaning.


I mean I am not a good entrepreneur.


I fail to see the connection. Many noteworthy businessmen have come from peasant backgrounds.


Well, I mean I was not good in school with math, and I don’t like risks.


This still leaves me no closer to understanding what such a numinous term as ‘peasant mind’ means. It speaks only to and of your own personal experiences and could be equally true of people of any social class.

As to the Rabbi in the original post people like this who believe in religious triumphalism are not in short supply (sadly) in any of the world’s major faiths. We have had plenty of them in Christianity and other faiths have had their fair share.


I also have no concept of chutzpah, and also there is the fear of the law, too much fear of the law, I think a very successful entrepreneur would have laughed in my face from such qualities


That Rabbi sounds like a troll!


Do you know that there are a Jewish theologians who are ready to prove to you that you really blessed by serving the chosen people of God?:slight_smile:
and your confusion is just a lack of understanding of this truth.


As I understand it, the dream or fantasy of “Gentiles being put on Earth to serve Jews” is precisely the same dream or fantasy espoused in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, although in that book this dream or fantasy is imagined on a global scale. (Anyone who’s actually read that book or Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu, please correct me if I’m wrong.) So for this man, Yitzhak Yosef, the Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel, to actually preach the identical message within a strictly Israeli and not global sense, is plainly insane. I believe that most people, both Jewish and non-Jewish, consider idea thoroughly vile. I don’t see why Israel doesn’t throw him in prison. I believe other forms and types of speech in Israel are crimes punishable by prison in Israel. Surely this man’s words are causing extreme damage to Israel, reputation-wise if nothing else. And this man’s father, Ovadia Yosef, who held the same Sphardic Chief Rabbi position, preached exactly the same thing. This form of extremism certainly seems more far, far more damaging than the Boycott movement, which is one form of speech that’s outlawed. This Rabbi’s words will live forever - what could possibly be more harmful than that? Has there ever been any book in the entire history of mankind more damaging than the Protocols?

Also, in my view, all of the indirect allusions to Jews possessing good genetic entrepreneurial instincts in this thread are plainly racist.


There are a couple of similar groups which preach stuff like this in Israel which have been outlawed over the years and some really far out fringe groups which are considered terrorist groupings. One of those encourages Jews to report Jews dating non-Jews via a hotline so they can then ‘persuade’ both parties to stop dating. That group has a rather unpleasant reputation in Israel for annoying Jews, Christians and just about everyone else.

As to your last statement sadly these attitudes have not gone away in Europe and in the nations my wife and her ancestors come from they are very much rooted in popular culture and still causing problems.Just as attitudes about other groups are rooted in my homeland and cause strife there.


Does “serve the Jews” include our clergy being spat on in the streets of Jerusalem?


Yeah, I had actually heard about that intermarriage-is-treason-type group being outlawed, and it most definitely sounded like an unpleasant organization. I should probably clarify, too, that I’m not in favor of imprisoning people for free speech violations or whatever, but I think if Israeli courts are already doing that anyway, then this Chief Rabbi’s hate speech tops them all by a huge margin.:shrug:


Nope, it just shows stupidity and bigotry are universal and part of the human condition regardless of what religion or nation you come from.


As I recall that particular group was outlawed because they actually supported domestic terrorism and had involvement with terrorist groups. Like yourself I tend to be wary of imprisoning people for saying things, as that could be you and me in the dock next morning after all. The Rabbi does reflect a point of view I’ve hard from some fundamentalist Christians also over the years as well oddly enough.

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