Israel says it is close to developing 'Star Wars' laser missile shield named Iron Beam that will cover entire region


*]Laser shield can intercept drones, rockets, missiles and mortars
*]High Energy Laser rapidly heats an object until it explodes, makers claim
*]Rafael Advanced Defense Systems said its lasers destroyed 90% of targets
*]System is designed to intercept objects current Iron Dome system cannot
*]Current defense system has destroyed hundreds of Hamas rockets


This system is intended to intercept missiles at close range: less than 4 km (less than 3 miles.) It is meant to cover the close range gap which was not addressed by Israel’s missile defense program. The desirability of such a close range defense became apparent during that war.



Better to defend than to retaliate.




They also have what is called ARROW which is their Patriot Missile system equivalent as an ICBM /nuke interceptor.


Good for Israel. I don’t blame them as they are surrounded by hostile powers.



Maybe they can use it to protect the US :smiley:


I think you’ll find your Star Wars systems is up and running, well and truly.




OR, they are hostile to surrounding powers.


They used to use trumpets!




Rafael Advanced Defense Systems would not comment on how much Iron Beam would cost or how much has been invested in it so far.

And for good reason, I’m sure. American taxpayers will be expected - as usual - to foot the bill for it.


We’ll get our value back, as I’ve no doubt that our guys are learning Hebrew right now to learn to use this system.

It will naturally take longer to shield a continent with these lasers than the tiny sliver of land that is Israel.



I wouldn’t be surprised if a technology-sharing arrangement existed from the get-go.

Given the very short range of the laser weapon, I doubt it would have much use for defending US soil (unless Canada suddenly wanted to invade us, again) However, it might be useful for defending military bases located in turbulent areas, if the energy requirements of the weapon were not too onerous.


Israel has surged ahead of the pack in developing cutting edge technology for the next century. For Israel, the best offense really is a good defense.They have a very small territory to defend, and a very large territory that they would have to destroy in a situation of total warfare.


Like who, Iran ? They said they want to wipe Iran off the face of the earth? No they are the only non Islamic country in a sea of radical Islam that hates Jews and Israel. And you would begrudge them their right to defend themselves ?



Hostile powers who have vowed to wipe them off the map.


So, if somebody threatened to wipe you off the fact of the Earth, you’d be friendly and welcoming to them?


Have we been in danger of Hamas rockets crossing the Atlantic recently? :confused:

Errrr…. You guys do realize that the above false quote was attributed to Ahmadinejad, right? And that he hasn’t been in office since August? Rouhani is Iran’s current president.:wink:

The correct translation of Ahmadinejad’s speech though, taken in its entirety, can be read here:

Regardless, even if the phrase *had *been true – which it *wasn’t *according to people who can actually understand Farsi - “sticks and stones” hardly provide sufficient rationale for starting WWIII on Iran, which is what the Israel Lobby in America is trying so desperately to do by painting the Iranians as psychopaths.

Let’s not fall for it, guys.


lerapt78, this is about Israel’s right do defend itself against hostile neighbors, not about the “Israeli lobby” in US. And I wasn’t the one who quoted Ahmadinejad. I recognize that there are different interpretations of his speech. Whether he really wanted to wipe Israel off the map or not, you do accept the fact that Iran is an enemy of Israel, right? I also made the point that Israel is surrounded by Arab/Islamic run countries that are or have been in recent history hostile or at war with Israel. Right? I mean, they are pretty much by themselves - why wouldn’t they develop an anti-missile defense system - especially in light of Iran’s desire to build nuclear weapons?


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