Israel says mortar fired from Gaza in first since August 26 truce


Hamas denied firing the mortar, and no armed faction took claim for the incident.

To avoid Israeli retaliation, Hamas claims to have arrested the culprits.

Hamas has arrested those responsible for firing a mortar toward Israel on Tuesday evening, Israeli security sources said late Tuesday.

Ynet quoted the sources saying that after the mortar was fired, Hamas relayed a message to Israel saying it would arrest the perpetrators, which it did later on Tuesday.

According to the sources, Israel told Hamas — which denied that it had fired the projectile — that if it didn’t take action against the forces who violated the ceasefire between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Israel would have to intervene.

I think (and pray) the ceasefire will hold.


I’m afraid it’s a fragile and temporary cease-fire that does virtually nothing to solve the larger issues surrounding the tension between Israel, the Palestinians, and the Arab nations.


Yes, despite the devastation and loss of life, neither side achieved their primary goals. I fear this means the current calm is temporary. :frowning:

On a happier note, there does seem to be some progress in negotiations. It is only a temporary agreement, but a step forward nonetheless.

Momentum for the rebuilding of the Gaza Strip advanced on Tuesday, with a senior United Nations diplomat briefing the Security Council on a temporary deal between Israeli and Palestinian officials to import cement and other building materials.

The diplomat, Robert H. Serry, the special envoy for the Middle East peace process, told the Council that he hoped the deal would lead to a broader agreement on opening border crossings to Gaza and on ending severe restrictions on imports to the Palestinian territory, where the economy was stagnating before the 50-day war this summer.

The Palestinian Authority, led by President Mahmoud Abbas, will have “a lead role in the reconstruction effort,” while United Nations monitors will ensure that reconstruction materials are not “diverted from their entirely civilian purpose,” Mr. Serry said.


I really hope and pray that a war between Israel and Gaza doesn’t start up again. It seems as though the Middle East is already on the brink of World War III.


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