Israel Should Reoccupy Gaza Says Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman


Avigdor Lieberman said the government was considering moving with full force into Gaza to occupy the territory, as he claimed that “limited action” had been counterproductive and strengthened Hamas.

“We need to decide whether we are going with an alternative that entails fully conquering the Gaza Strip,” Lieberman told Army Radio. “We have seen that limited military action only strengthens Hamas and therefore the alternative is clear.”

In related news, Israel has launched a series of airstrikes in retaliation for Gaza rocket attacks.

The strikes, which the military said targeted 12 locations, including concealed rocket launchers, weapons manufacturing sites and what it called “terror activity” sites, were launched in response to an increase of rocket fire this month.

More than 60 rockets have been launched from Gaza towards Israel in June - more than four times the number in May, the military said.

I don’t know how much influence Lieberman has in setting Israeli policy. Is his comment to be taken seriously?


Lieberman has a long history of making controversial statements and expressing controversial points of view. I don’t think he has much influence to enact anything he speaks of. Then again, Israel isn’t exactly known for measured or proportionate responses.


This would have happened by now if it were going to, given the amount of violence emitting from the Gaza since the Israeli withdrawal.

I wouldn’t expect much to change there.



I’m afraid the Palestinians will never accept another occupation. The Palestinian people have a right to self determination just like we have here in the United States. :thumbsup:


They do rule Gaza, so in that place, at least, they do have self determination to the extent Hamas will allow it.

About a third of the West Bank consists of Israeli Jews. What do you want to do with them? Gaza is, of course, Judenrein. So, if Hamas/Fatah rules the West Bank, where do you want the Jewish population to go, knowing as you surely do that they will all be killed under that “right of self determination.”

But to be on topic, no, I do not believe Israel will occupy Gaza.


I don’t think this would be a good idea because it would probably inflame tensions between Muslims and the Israeli people even more.


Again, I am not sure how much influence Lieberman has on policy. Is he advocating temporary occupation of Gaza, and not permanent occupation?

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said that Israel needs to carry out operation “Defensive Shield 2”, this time in Gaza. “We can’t bury our heads in the sand,” said Lieberman, stressing the connection between the murder of the three Israeli teens to the rocket barrages from Gaza.,7340,L-4536806,00.html

Defensive Shield refers to a large-scale military operation conducted by the Israel Defense Forces in 2002 during the course of the Second Intifada. My memory is hazy, so here is what Wikipedia says about Defensive Shield:

Operation “Defensive Shield” began on March 29, 2002, with an incursion into Ramallah placing Yasser Arafat under siege in his Ramallah compound, followed by incursions into the six largest cities in the West Bank, and their surrounding localities.[6] The Israel Defense Forces invaded Tulkarm and Qalqilya on April 1, Bethlehem the next day, Jenin and Nablus the next. From April 3–21, the period was characterized by strict curfews on civilian populations and restrictions of movement of international personnel, including at times prohibition of entry to humanitarian and medical personnel as well as human rights monitors and journalists.[7]

In May 2002, the Israeli troops had pulled out of the Palestinian cities, but maintained cordons of troops around West Bank towns and villages, and continued carrying out raids on Palestinian areas.[8]

The UN report on the subject says, “Combatants on both sides conducted themselves in ways that, at times, placed civilians in harm’s way. Much of the fighting during Operation “Defensive Shield” occurred in areas heavily populated by civilians and in many cases heavy weaponry was used.”[7]


More likely the Israeli settlers would be expelled to Israel similar to Germans post WW2.


Some would be expelled, most would be killed unless the IDF intervened to stop it. It would be more like DURING WWII, not after it.

The killing of the three teens is pretty graphic testimony to the reason why Jews build fortified settlements in the West Bank. It’s not safe for Jews to live there without them.

But again, though, I have no belief whatever that Israel will re-occupy Gaza. For one thing, there are no Jews there anymore.


It is so awful for the Israelis that it is dangerous for them to commit war crimes that they are forced to protect themselves, perhaps if they reduced the Palestinian population in the West Bank by half it’d be much safer for them.


It’s too bad, really, that Jews are only 1/3 of the total population of the West Bank. Then, while the Islamists would still claim it (as they do Spain and the Balkans) there wouldn’t be any issue of “self determination”. There would only be the Arab Islamist claim of everything from the Pyrenees to Iran.

What people don’t realize so often is that there was no such thing as the “Palestinian people” before Israel, and for a long time afterward. Palestinians are, and consider themselves, simply “Arabs”. Palestinian is a tribal designation, properly speaking, not a national one in the western sense. It’s similar to “Bedouin” in that way, or “Circassian”. A “Palestinian identity” was coined by Yasser Arafat who, himself, was Egyptian.

There are presently two Palestinian majority states; Jordan and Gaza. There really isn’t a persuasive argument in favor of establishing a third, other than the fact that people calling themselves “Palestinians” (who are spread all over the Middle EAst, by the way) want it. If they get it, then those oriented to Fatah will fight to the death over it with Hamas, and ultimately some outfit like ISIS will slaughter both.

It may be noted that in the area sometimes called “Palestine” (Israel and the west bank together; "western Palestine, more properly because Jordan was also part of “Palestine”) the majority of residents are Israeli Jews, by quite a margin. The Arab residents of both the West Bank and Israel proper are a minority. That minority lives quite well within Israel proper. Those in the West Bank would actually be better off if Israel annexed the whole thing. Israel won’t, I’m confident, but neither is it likely to give up the right of Jews to live there; something the Arabs do not wish to tolerate.


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