Israel to fund all abortions for women 20-33 starting next year


Israel will pay for abortions for women aged 20 to 33 regardless of circumstance starting next year, health officials said Monday, adding that they hope to make eligibilty for state funding universal in the future.

(emphasis mine…)

…what? :frowning:


the more they do this, the more they are delaying the coming of the Messiah for THEM…don’t they realize that? :confused::confused::confused:


This is so sad. That money could be put to so many better uses but instead may used for killing babies.


A kick to the gut. I hope this isn’t true… :frowning:


Not necessarily, for it is thought that the Messiah will come EITHER as a result of all Jews following the Law (or, at the least, keeping one or two consecutive Sabbaths) OR at a time of utter devastation in the world when mankind needs the Messiah the most.

With regard to abortion, this is disheartening if the emphasis is on funding of ALL abortions regardless of the circumstances, that is, abortion on demand, since this is directly contrary to Jewish law, which Israel, whether a secular state or not, should be quite familiar with. Even Reform Judaism and Reconstructionist Judaism recognize that abortion is a last resort in special cases, not a first resort.


Jewish communities over here are at best luke warm on Life issues…



I thought they were all about “survival of the Jewish identity”?

Something tells me it won’t be the poorer, fertile Muslim population getting these…


No, the secular Israelis don’t. And, there are LOTS of them! :frowning:


I’m going to start pointing this out to my support-Israel-at-all-costs Evangelical friends.


What a disgrace!!


Secular jews are a minority in israel, I imagine this will reduce their numbers further.

Jews are (generally) rabidly pro choice in the US as well.


Paging John Hagee…


We don’t want to kill off the secular Jews… No good can come from this policy :frowning:


Israel was created to protect the Jewish people in the wake of World World II. This is the policy they come up with??? Destroying Israeli children, for free???



this is sad news. :frowning:


They are already in trouble from the huge difference in birth rates between Jews and Muslims, and they do THIS???

Boggles the mind.


The good news is that Israel is a Western nation that has finally turned around the culture of death, and Jewish women there are actually having more babies

The ultimate struggle is after all not against laws, but for life. Choose life means exactly that.
CHOOSE LIFE, regardless of what the law has to say about what is legal or not, what is funded or not.
The ultimate problem in the West is not as in China, where the government is actually legislating death. The ultimate problem in the West is that too many women are actually choosing death for their unborn.

The birth rate in Israel tells a different story. More and more there, young Jewish women are making the choice for life, which not only means not choosing abortion, but choosing to have babies.:thumbsup:


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