Israel urges calm after Palestinian teenager's body found

Israeli leaders have appealed for calm after the discovery of a kidnapped Palestinian teenager’s body sparked clashes in East Jerusalem.

Mohammed Abu Khdair, 17, was seen being forced into a car early on Wednesday.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu condemned the “despicable murder” and the mayor of Jerusalem urged restraint.

Palestinian leaders said they held Israel responsible for the killing, amid claims it was in revenge for the murder of three Israeli teenagers.

Agence France-Presse quoted the militant group Hamas as telling Israeli leaders: “Our people will not let this crime pass… You will pay the price for these crimes.”

Now they are killing each other’s kids…

LOL this is after they bombed the west bank because 3 Israeli kids were killed. The irony and outright hypocrisy can not be missed on the Government of Israel.

They have been killing each other’s kids since before 1949.

The difference now is that these instances cannot be given the “honorable” name of warfighting.

God bless both sides, and may repentance and forgiveness find its way there.



It was nice how both sides seemed to declare a “ceasefire” during the Pope’s visit. And then both leaders went to Rome to pray together.

Now it has deteriorated to this. I am sure the Pope has a heavy heart after spending time over there and thinking that bringing them together
for prayer might do any good.

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